In just a few weeks’ time, Valheim’s big Hearth and Home update are coming and the dev’s guarding, the Iron Gate is enticing the players by slowly releasing new features gradually. We have witnessed changes being initiated to the food system already and more details on what players can expect will be unveiled soon. This includes exciting news that players will possess the ability to vomit on command.

The release date for Valheim: Heath and Home will be on 16th September. As of Heath and Home, boars, wolves, as well as deer will provide a plethora of raw meat and this will enable the players to use their cooking skills to dish out various recipes.

There are certain transformations made to the cooking stations such that it works like other crafting stations. For players, this would mean that they will have to craft for updates. These updates will include a butcher’s table, spice rack, or pots and pans which the players will require in order to prepare complicated and advanced recipes. Additionally, players will require baking their bread and pies in the oven now.

Players will not be able to consume when they have their stomachs full in Valheim. Hence, if the player wishes to change or exchange the food bonuses that they have been receiving, they need to do so before the set timer runs out. The players will be able to gulp down a “bukeperry,” an interesting and creatively named fruit that will allow the players to vomit when on command. Upon doing so, the player will successfully remove one of their food buffs so that they can go ahead, change, and consumer something different.

Take a sneak peek at the vomit feature on the video given below:

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