In Valheim there are plethoras of weapons that will unleash different degrees of damage. Many kinds of hammers and maces are used to deal blunt damage.

The Different Forms/Kinds of Damage

  • In the vast land of Valheim, the inhabitant creature’s reaction towards different kinds of damage varies. While some display weak damage, some, on the other hand, incur heavy damage.
  • Surtlings, for example, are the primary source of gathering the Surtling cores- they don’t generally take many damages from arrows of elemental fire. On the other hand, skeletons incur less damage from the pierce sources and they receive more damages from blunt sources like that of mace.
  • Since different creatures take different kinds of damages from the weapons; players must also understand who they are tackling in order to unleash maximum damages.

The Iron Mace

In Valheim, an iron mace is a blunt weapon constructed from iron, wood, and leather scraps. In order to get Iron, players must defeat Valheim’s second monster, the Elder. This tree ent will drop a Swamp Key, which unlocks crypts in Valheim. After obtaining the Swamp Key, players can begin exploring the Swamp Biome’s Sunken Crypts. These are often muddy scrap piles that may be mined for leather and iron scraps.

To obtain the iron mace, you will have to forage the different materials required for its construction. Wood may be obtained by cutting down almost every type of tree in the game. Leather scraps can be obtained from boars.

You may simply obtain a large number of scraps by domesticating a few boars for breeding and employing some of their progeny for both raw meat and scraps. Boar can also be found in the Meadows and the Black Forest.

How to Make the Mace?

  • Once, the players have successfully gathered all the required materials, they will have to smelt the iron scraps. You may do this through the smelter.
  • Players must collect four wood, three leather scraps, and twenty smelted Valheim iron. Players will only be able to construct the Iron Mace at level 2 Forge after collecting the items. The mace can be further upgraded at this level.

Level 1 Iron Mace

Four Wood, Three Leather Scraps, Twenty Iron in Level 2 Valheim Forge

  • Durability – 200
  • Blunt Damage – 55
  • Parry Force – 30

Level 2 Iron Mace

Ten Iron, Level 3 Forge

  • Durability – 250
  • Blunt Damage – 61
  • Parry Force – 35

Level 3 Iron Mace

Twenty Iron, Level 4 Forge

  • Durability – 300
  • Blunt Damage – 67
  • Parry Force – 40

Level 4 Iron Mace

Thirty Iron, Level 5 Forge

  • Durability – 350
  • Blunt Damage – 73
  • Parry Force – 45

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