Every game has its own style of combat. This will also depend on the enemies. In Valheim, players will face more and more dangerous enemies as they progress. In order to progress, players will have to upgrade weapons, create armor, specialize in specific weapon types, and adapt a combat style.


  • Dual Wielding is one of the combat styles in Valheim. As a range of metal swords are available, players can wield iron and bronze swords or knives. This will help them to deal with the maximum damage possible. This is also a very popular question on Reddit.
  • However, players will not be able to dual-wield swords or daggers presently. For now, other weapon configurations can still help players get that extra damage across. Moreover, Valheim is still in early access. Therefore, we can expect a dual-wielding feature to be added sometime in the future.


Players can still deal heavy damage. Huge hammers and two-handed weapons can really help in this aspect. The Stagbreaker is one such weapon. Moreover, it is also available early on in the game. Players will need the following to craft a Stagbreaker:

  • Level 2 Workbench
  • 20 Valheim Core Wood
  • 2 Leather Straps
  • 5 Deer Trophies

While the Stagbreaker will not be a match for a dual-wielding sword, it is among the best options available as of now.


While dual-wielding weapons are not yet possible, players can wield a sword and shield or a dagger and shield weapon configuration. This can be useful in combat with the secret bosses and more dangerous creatures. This configuration will help in a more cautious approach to enemies.

Moreover, each and every enemy in Valheim has a weakness. Players can exploit these weaknesses to their advantage. This will be resource-efficient and also save time. Some examples are given below.

  • Surtlings will die when they walk into the water
  • Skeletons and Blobs are weak to Blunt weapons
  • Trolls are weak to piercing damage

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