There are tons of items in Valheim that you are going to need to craft better gear to slog your way through all the different bosses. Leather Scraps is one of those important materials and is required to make some of the best gear in the game. Here’s how to get them:


One of the ways to get Leather Scraps is by killing boars. Boars are found near water sources of the Meadows biome and spawn in packs of three or four. One way to make use of this is by taming boars and keeping them in an enclosed space. Over time, you can breed them and create a surplus population. That way, you can cull them and get lots of scrap and meat at the same time.

Muddy Scrap Piles

Muddy Scrap Piles are found in the Sunken Crypt that manifest as large obstructions. They can be found using the Wishbone which is obtained by killing the boss Bonemass.  Muddy Scrap Piles have to be mined with an Antler Pickaxe or a higher tier tool to get Leather Scraps.

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