Valheim: Megingjord Belt – How To Get

Valheim Megingjord Belt improves your Viking’s carrying capacity. Here’s where you can look for it!

Survivors will use a large number of materials and assets to advance in Valheim. Gamers must take trips from their hut every time their inventory is full. One alternative is to establish a house close to vital resources.

This strategy will work in the early stages of the game, but Vikings will need to travel through the various biomes in order to conquer all of the game’s bosses and collect the materials needed to improve their armor. The proper solution is to use the Megingjord Belt to expand inventory space and make a cart for extra storage!

Megingjord Belt

  • The Megingjord Belt is a must-have item for all players because it adds 150 inventory spaces. Valheim relies heavily on farming, and storage will be a problem later in the game.
  • Haldor will sell the belt to players for 950 coins.  The belt is a bargain for the money. With those additional spaces, farming in Valheim is far simpler and more convenient.

Where To Find Haldor

  • The mystical dwarf vendor prefers to stay hidden in the biomes of the Black Forest. Due to Valheim’s map system, he will never be in the same spot on the map twice.

  • Players who have arrived in the Black Forest biome must seek out the NPC who offers the Megingjord Belt.
  • There are several approaches you can take to track him down. You can continue to farm wood and ore in the hopes of spotting him.
  • Traveling along the Black Forest’s outskirts is a more analytical approach to locating Haldor. A marker will emerge on the map showing Haldor’s position if he is within 300M or less.

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