Valheim Mistlands Release Date, All You Need To Know

Iron Gate Studio, the developer of Valheim, has stated that it is essentially concentrating on bug fixes. The massive influx of gamers has been significantly higher than the developer initially expected. However, a game update is currently in the works, with Mistlands being one of them. Here’s what we’ve understood so far.

Mistlands, What We Know

  • The Mistlands biome is a dark place full of very tall ancient trees where the sun never shines.
    • Worse, the ground and trees are both covered in massive cobwebs, which could foreshadow what’s to come in future releases.
    • Roots can be found all over the ground, but they can only be targeted when hovered over. Moreover, they can’t be harvested with current tools.
  • Because Mistlands biomes aren’t found near the map’s center, you’ll have to travel quite a distance to find one.
    • Around the halfway point between the Valheim map’s center and edge, it appears that Mistlands begin to appear.
    • They can be as big or as small as any other biome in the game and can border any other biome.
  • The Mistlands is a presently incomplete biome in Valheim, but it is already included in the world generation, so you can play it right now.

What Can We Expect? Release Date

  • The abundance of cobwebs in this biome suggests that spiders or other new arachnid enemy types will eventually make their home in the Mistlands.
  • It’s uncertain whether the cobwebs will be mainly aesthetic in the final Mistlands release, or if they’ll trap or slow players moving through them.

  • On the other hand, we can expect new and powerful materials from this sixth biome, most likely related to spider parts and strong roots, which could be used in some of Valheim’s new best weapons and armor.
  • Iron Gate promised new baddies, new items, a new boss, new resources for this year.
  • A roadmap of major updates is expected to be released this 2021. Mistlands is the title of the fourth and final update of the year. As a result, we can expect the Mistlands to be fully operational by late 2021.

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