Valheim Padded Armor – How To Find/Craft Easy Guide

Armour sets in Valheim are quite important, that is if you are going to progress the game without killing yourself every now and then. That is not to mention how tough the bosses are to beat. Let’s talk about the padded armour set, which is an upgrade to the wolf armour set, in this article. Here’s how to get it:

All you need is iron and linen

  • For iron:
    • Kill the Elder boss.
    • Take the keys needed to enter the dungeons.
    • Go to the Sunken Crypts in the swamp biome and gather iron from the Muddy Scrap Piles.
    • Smelt the scrap iron into ingots.
  • For linen:
    • Defeat the Moder boss to collect the recipe for the Spinning Tree.
    • Craft it and feed the Spinning Tree Flax Seed.
    • Now wait and give it time to craft some padded armour for you.

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