Valheim: Pickaxe | How to Craft & Use

Valheim pickaxe how to craft and use

In the realm of Valheim, a survival-based sandbox game, players embark on a journey to conquer the harsh elements and monstrous foes. Essential to this adventure is the humble yet indispensable tool, the pickaxe. In this article, we will delve into the art of crafting, using, and being efficient with pickaxes in Valheim.

How to craft a pickaxe?

You just started a new adventure in a Valheim realm, and you find yourself in need of rocks and stones. At this point, all you can craft are an axe and a spear, but no pickaxe.

No worries as the game is not bugged. In order to get your hands on a pickaxe, you must first progress in the storyline which is to kill the first boss ‘Eikhtyr.’ Here are the steps:

Valheim Eikhtyr Location
Valheim Eikhtyr Location
  • Hunt deers (preferably the male deers, the ones with stag) and obtain 2 Deer Trophy
  • Bring the deer trophies to Eikthyr’s summoning altar. You can find the altar’s location by checking the red glowing stone at your first spawn location
  • After you kill the first boss Eikhtyr, you will get one to three pieces of hard antlers. This will be your material to craft your first pickaxe
  • Bring one hard antler and 10 pieces of wood to your workbench and craft an ‘Antler Pickaxe’

How to use the pickaxe?

With your newly crafted pickaxe in hand, a world of resources awaits exploration. The pickaxe is primarily used for mining valuable minerals and ores, allowing you to gather resources required for forging powerful weapons, armor, and other essential items.

Additionally, the pickaxe can break apart rocks and reveal treasure chests, secrets, and even dungeons.

Copper Deposit Valheim
Copper Deposit, Screengrab Courtesy of Malonik via Youtube

Once you possess an antler pickaxe, the first thing to do is find copper deposits and tin deposits in the black forest. Mine copper and tin as much as you can as those will be your crucial upgrade for your next mission.

  • The pickaxe’s efficiency is measured by its mining power and durability.
    • Mining power determines how quickly the pickaxe can extract resources.
    • Its durability determines how long the pickaxe can be used before it breaks.
  • It’s crucial to manage these factors as you traverse the world of Valheim.

Tips for efficient pickaxe usage

Valheim crafting table for crafting and repairs
Valheim Workbench
  • Prioritize upgrades: Continuously upgrade your pickaxe as you progress through the game. The stronger the pickaxe, the more efficiently you can gather resources.
  • Repair or replace: Keep an eye on your pickaxe’s durability and repair it when necessary. If it becomes too damaged, consider crafting a new one to maintain efficiency.
  • Enhance your skills: Investing skill points in mining-related talents will significantly boost your mining efficiency.
  • Bring repair materials: When venturing into uncharted territories, carry materials required for repairs. It ensures uninterrupted mining sessions.


In Valheim, the pickaxe is more than a mere tool. It’s a gateway to resources, secrets, and progress. Crafting and upgrading the pickaxe is crucial for survival and advancement in the game. Whether you’re wielding the Antler, Bronze, or Iron Pickaxe, understanding their strengths and limitations will help you master the art of mining. 

So, wear your armor, grab your pickaxe, and embark on an epic journey across the stunning realm of Valheim!

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