Valheim is getting better and better with every update, is already one of the best survival games in the world. In its commitment to making the game more amazing, Iron Gate released yet another minor update in the form of patch 0.205.5 a few days ago. It brought along a new mini-boss called Abomination in the Swamps region and along with that, a new armor set called the Root Armor.

The Root Armor

With a new mini-boss comes a new armor set, so with the drops from Abomination, you can craft a Root Armor. This is similar to how you can craft Troll Hide Armor from the drops by Trolls. You’ll need Roots after defeating a few Abominations to craft this armor set. You’ll look like Groot but will unlock some special abilities.

It has similar buff and stats as the bronze level 1 armor but will provide you an archery buff. The bows will cause 15 more damage when you equip all the parts of this armor. Apart from that, it provides you resistance against the poison which is insanely useful in the Swamps. On the downside, it doesn’t protect as much as Iron Armor and is weak in the fire. So, watch out for those Surtlings while wearing this armor in the Swamps.

How to Craft It?

Root Legging, Root Harnesk, and Root Helmet are the three pieces of this armor. You will also require some Ancient Bark and Deer Hide to craft each piece of the armor. It can be crafted at level 2 Workbench and here is what you’ll need for each piece:

  • Root Mask: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 4 Leather Scraps
  • Root Harnesk: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 2 Deer Hide
  • Root Leggings: 10 Roots, 10 Ancient Bark, and 2 Deer Hide

If you are already at the Swamps region or ahead, you know how to get Leather Scraps (Boars / Iron Scrap mining) and Deer Hide (Deer). Ancient Barks can be found by chopping down ancient trees in Swamps or from chests in the Crypts (also in Swamps). Roots are something you’ll obtain after killing the new mini-bosses Abomination. Be careful when you hunt them as they are quite powerful and unlike other Swamps mobs.

Worth It?

Now that you know what it is and how to obtain it, the question is that is it worth it? Well, that depends on where exactly you are in the game progress-wise. If you already have an Iron Armor or better, it isn’t worth it and if you are still on Bronze or lower, it might just be.

The armor is quite effective in the Swamps region but not so much in the Mountains or Plains. So, if you have just entered the Swamps region and are yet to mine and craft Iron, you can use this armor. The set ability makes it much more useful than the Bronze Armor but it can’t match Iron or Silver armor. Again, if you are a collector and have beaten the game, then sure, enjoy this new mob and armor set piece.

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