Valheim Serpent Stew – How To Make

The enormous Sea Serpents that live in the world’s oceans are one of the most dangerous creatures in Valheim. If you want to know where to look for them, how to defeat them, or how to make the famous Valheim Serpent Stew, keep reading! We’ll cover all of that and more in this section of our guide!

The Valheim Serpent Stew

Using a Cooking Station, the meat dropped by Sea Serpents can be turned into a Serpent Stew.

  • Valheim Serpent Stew provides 80 maximum health and 80 maximum stamina for 2400 seconds when compared to meat.

What are Sea Serpents?

  • These serpents have a long body and a head that resembles a dragon’s.
  • They are extremely hostile creatures capable of causing significant damage. It is only advisable to go in search of them with a Karve-type ship, though a Drakkar is even better.
  • These beasts appear at any time and in any weather condition on the high seas.
  • Can only be found in the Ocean biomes, as their name suggests.
  • It is well known that if the weather is stormy or if it is night, you are more likely to encounter one.
  • Several players claim that the snake locations are fixed, which means that once you spot one, you might see more snakes there in the future (so it is advisable to create a mark on the map).
  • Snake scales, like snake meat, are extremely valuable in the game. The snake scale shield is made of turquoise scales. This shield is one of the most powerful in the game, despite the fact that you can’t stop using it.
  • They are resistant to 90% of enemy damage and have a movement speed reduction of -10%. An iron tower shield, on the other hand, has only a 75 percent blocking power but slows you down by 20%.

Tips and Trick on Killing Sea Serpents

In Valheim, battling a sea serpent is a difficult task. For starters, playing alone is much more difficult than playing with friends in an online cooperative mode. Bows are, of course, the ideal weapons for dealing a lot of damage.

The Hunter’s Bow or the Draugr’s Fang, the two dominant bows in the game, are particularly advisable. When used in conjunction with flint arrows or freeze arrows, they can cause a lot of damage to the snake in a short amount of time (if you have good aim, sure).

Nether Harpoon

Even when playing solo, killing the Sea Serpents becomes much easier once you have the Harpoon. The following are the steps you must take:

  • Equip your Nether Harpoon and wait for the Sea Serpent to close the gap.
  • Keep your grip and return to the nearest shoreline.
  • Keep hold and don’t rush! If you’re too fast, the rope may break. Additionally, the snake will no longer be dragged (so you would have to catch it again). To avoid this, vary the boat’s speeds and avoid getting too close to the snake.
  • When you arrive at the beach, get off the boat and walk a short distance ashore, keeping the snake close behind you.

You can now drop the Harpoon and equip a powerful melee weapon once you’re on the ground with the snake. You’ll find that killing it is relatively simple. The snake will want to return to the water once on land and will not attack you.

If you see the snake trying to return to the water, grab it again with your harpoon to prevent it from escaping and repeat the process. As you might expect, this is much easier with other players. One player can focus on tying up the snake with the harpoon while the others lower it for life with their weapons.

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