VALHEIM Spears: How To Make Easy Guide

Spears are an excellent weapon to use in Valheim if you want to keep a safe distance from the enemy while still dealing decent damage. If the enemy gets too close, pairing it with a shield is ideal because hitting enemies with spears can be difficult if they get too close. Everything you need to know about Valheim Spears will be covered in this guide.

Flint Spear

  • This is a basic throwing weapon.
  • Can be thrown by using the Scroll Wheel/Middle Mouse Button. By pressing LMB, the player can deliver simple close-range attacks, and by pressing RMB, the player can block.

Bronze Spear

  • When used as a melee weapon, the Bronze Spear is an upgrade to the Flint Spear, with better range and speed.

Ancient Bark Spear

  • This item can only be crafted after you’ve obtained the following:
    Troll Hide, Iron, Ancient Bark, Level 3 Forge

Fang Spear

  • Compared to the steep silver requirements of the silver sword or the silver/gold cost of the Frostner, the Fang Spear has the lowest silver cost of the silver tier weapons and cheap upgrade requirements.
  • Less base damage compared to the Frostner or the silver sword (against non-frost resistant enemies).

Abyssal Harpoon

  • The harpoon is primarily a utility weapon, used for relocating animals such as boar into pens or, more commonly, dragging Sea Serpents to land in order to strand them and recover their Serpent scales (since they normally sink in deep water).


What is the best spear?

  • The Fang Spear, which prominently features the deadly fang of a wolf on the tip, is the best you can make in Valheim. Although it does not deal as much damage as some other weapons, it is still an excellent weapon.
  • Moreover, the Fang Spear requires fewer resources to craft and upgrade, allowing you to quickly assemble a powerful, reliable weapon. If you don’t have a good bow or don’t want to use your arrows, you can also throw this weapon using the special attack input.

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