Valheim: Spinning Wheel Crafting Guide

Crafting is a very important skill when it comes to Valheim. Players will have to make sure they know which resources are important, and what is needed to craft them. The Linen Thread is one such important resource. In order to craft it, a Spinning Wheel will be needed.


The Spinning Wheel will be unlocked later in the game. It is locked behind a boss battle. It also requires some materials unlocked late-game to craft. So it makes sense that it is not available to be crafter till later.


In order to craft a Spinning Wheel, players will need to build an Artisan Table. Players will need two Dragon Tears. This can be obtained when players defeat dragon boss Moder in the Mountains biome. In addition, 10 Wood will be required. The Table can be built using the following steps.

  • Select the Hammer from the inventory.
  • Press F to open the Crafting tab.
  • Press Q or E to switch to the Artisan Table.
  • Use the left mouse button to place the table.

After this, players can craft the Spinning Wheel. This will require

  • 20 Fine Wood
  • 10 Iron Nails
  • 5 Leather Scraps

The Fine Wood can be obtained from cutting down Oak and Birch trees. Iron Nails can be crafted using a single Iron Ingot. Leather scraps are found in the Meadows Biome. The Spinning Wheel must be placed near the Artisan Table when it is crafted.


The Spinning Wheel can be used by players to strengthen armor. It has one purpose: to convert Flax into Linen Thread. This Thread is an important resource for late-game armor and weapons. Flax can be found in the Plants Biome. It can be grown and harvested using a Cultivator. However, it is important that it is planted in the same biome.

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