Surtling Cores are a crucial resource in the early stages of the game. Valheim is a survival game, so you’ll need to gather and craft your way to victory.

Where do I get Surtling Cores?

Surtling Cores can be found in Valheim’s dungeons, particularly those in the Black Forest.

Surtling Cores can be looted from dead Surtlings in Valheim, but these enemies don’t appear until after you’ve safely passed the Black Forest.

Abandoned Tombs

You can also plunder abandoned tombs! There are dungeons guarded by skeletons all over Valheim’s Black Forest, and within these dungeons are usually one to ten Surtling Cores, though you may come across one with none.

Due to the procedurally generated nature of Valheim’s worlds, you’ll have to look around a bit to find these dungeons. Establish an outpost within the Black Forest near the Meadows’ border to be safe (and to make your life easier later on). This way, if you die, you’ll have a nearby respawn point and a place to repair your equipment.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Keep an eye out for skeletons near rectangular stone structures while patrolling the Black Forest; these are the entrances to the dungeons. All you have to do now is enter the crypt and look around.

Surtling Cores are glowing red cubes that are difficult to miss. Keep in mind that skeletons guard these dungeons, so be cautious. To prevent skeletons from spawning in the dungeon, destroy any bone piles you come across.

So what are Surtling Cores for exactly?

After you’ve defeated the first boss in Valheim, you’ll need to travel to the Black Forest to face the second boss, but you’ll need better gear and weapons to survive the battle.

That means learning how to smelt bronze. At the same time, you’ll also need a way to melt down copper and tin before you can make your first Forge. Surtling Cores are used in this situation.

Check out other uses for the Surtling Cores below:

Blast Furnace

  • 5x Surtling Core
  • 10x Iron
  • 20x Stone
  • 20x Fine Wood


  • 5x Ancient Bark
  • 1x Surtling Core
  • 5x Core Wood
  • 5x Fine Wood

Charcoal Kiln

  • 5x Surtling Core
  • 20x Stone


  • 2x Surtling Core
  • 10x Greydwarf Eye
  • 20x Fine Wood


  • 5x Surtling Core
  • 20x Stone


  • 1x Surtling Core
  • 5x Fine Wood
  • 5x Greydwarf Eye

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