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The swamp is most likely the third biome you’ll encounter as you travel through Valheim, and it’s far more dangerous than the forests and meadows you’ve already visited. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the swamp, from what to expect from your opponents to what you’ll need to steal to keep moving through Valheim.

Swamp Location

This area can be found along the shores of several islands, all of which are connected to the Black Forest. Flooded land will appear on your map as brown and black speckles. From afar, the swamp biome is distinguished by its bare, gnarled trees and the bright green resource attached to many of them.

Swamp Enemies

Swamps are home to a variety of dangerous creatures, many of which can inflict poison on you, which can cause long-term damage. In the swamp biome, you’ll have to deal with this.

  • Skeletons
    • The skeletons wield swords and shields or bows, just like the other biomes. They’re not particularly powerful in the swamp, but their arrows can be a pain to deal with when fighting other foes.
  • Draugrs
    • These skeleton-like fighters are tougher and can deal a lot more damage than skeletons. Stopping them makes it easier to take them out, but be cautious of those with bows, as they can cause a lot of damage and are difficult to avoid.
  • Stains
    • As they leap towards you, these green masses of goo can be unpredictable. They’re also more willing to dive than the majority of their foes. The drops don’t hit hard, but they do release a poisonous cloud if you get too close to them, so try to stay away from them and draw them out with your bow. When the top-level red spots are killed, they split into two smaller green spots.
  • Leeches
    • Keep an eye out for these massive black monsters lurking in the swamp’s waterways. Because they can’t get out of the water, they’re not particularly dangerous, but if you get too close to them, they’ll poison you. Stay away from leeches because they can easily wreak havoc on your boats and sink rafts. You can easily nail them with arrows and collect the very useful Bloodbags they drop because they can’t get out of the water.
  • Spectral
    • Wraiths are ghostly flying enemies who can cause a lot of trouble. When crossing land, they move very quickly, making it difficult to avoid them. They are relatively easy to drop with a bow if you can get some distance on them or spot them before they see you, and they have no ranged attacks. Otherwise, try to attack them as soon as possible before they can do too much damage, as they hit hard when they’re close.

Swamp Resources

The swamps contain some important post-game items, but navigating them can be extremely dangerous if you aren’t prepared. Enemies there drop a variety of useful items, including mead and foods like sausage, which you’ll need for late-game consumables. You can also get Iron by venturing into the swamp, which is the next material you’ll need to upgrade your armor, weapons, and equipment.

  • Iron
  • Rails – used to make Sausage
  • Bloodbags – used in Frost Resistance Mead
  • Ooze – used to make poison arrows and mucus bombs
  • Guco – Found in green pods attached to trees
  • Ancient Wood – Found cutting ancient trees
  • Iron Chains – used for Forge and Wolf Armor
  • Surtling Cores – used to make furnaces, foundries, and portals.
  • Withered Bones – used to summon Bonemass

Swamp Key

Sunken crypts are black dungeon entrances found throughout the swamp biomes. These underground areas, like the burial chambers in the Black Forest and Prairie biomes, contain chests, resources, and enemies. The only place to get scrap iron is in the sunken crypts, but you can’t just walk in as you can in burial chambers because the sunken crypts are sealed with iron doors. A swamp key is required to open those doors.

You must defeat The Elder, the Black Forest biome’s boss, in order to obtain the key to the swamp. He is a particularly difficult boss to defeat, but summoning and defeating the Elder, like everything else in Valheim, is a complicated process.

The boss will drop multiple Swamp Keys once you’ve killed him. You only need one, and you’ll be able to use it to open any sunken crypt you come across.

Swamp Preparation and Tips

  • Have complete bronze armor and weapons, as well as a good bronze buckler shield.
  • Because many of the enemies in the Swamp are weak to blunt damage, maces are particularly effective. Make a bronze mace and, if possible, upgrade it.
  • Bring a Flinthead Arrows and a Finewood Bow. Many of the Swamp’s enemies can be weakened or killed from afar, making melee combat less dangerous.
  • Bring plenty of food to maintain your peak health.
  • Make poison resistance mead, as it will come in handy against many of the Swamp’s poisonous foes.
  • Make a portal. This allows you to quickly return to your home base if you need to flee from enemies or replenish your supplies.
  • Construct a fortified structure to protect yourself. When you’re resting up before or after an adventure in the Swamp, these can be useful if enemies from the Swamp wander over to you.
  • If possible, build a treehouse. Many of the Swamp’s foes will be unable to reach you as a result of this.
  • In the swamp’s watery areas, use a hoe to raise the dirt. It will protect you from the Swamp’s evil leeches.
  • Try to lead a Greydwarf or Troll raid into the Swamp’s enemies if one starts while you’re there. The two factions will battle it out, and whoever wins will be easy to eliminate.
  • As you explore, try to keep your inventory as empty as possible, as you’ll need room for the Swamp’s valuable items like iron and treasure.
  • Placing torches throughout the Swamp is an excellent way to quickly return to your base.

Sunken Crypts

The Swamp’s valuables can be found in the Sunken Crypt dungeons, which contain a wealth of useful materials and treasure. Their stone appearance and two large green torches on the outside help to identify them. Sunken Crypts can be opened and entered if you have the Swamp Key. In particular, if you’re playing with a group, only one player needs a Swamp Key to allow everyone to enter.

  • Enemies
    • Draugr, Draugr Elites, Blobs, and Oozes
    • You might also come across “body piles,” which will keep spawning Draugr until you destroy them.
  • Muddy Scrap Piles
    • Large mounds that block the hallways of the Sunken Crypts.
    • Contains iron scraps and withered bones, both of which are very important items — the former can be used to create iron gear, while the latter are needed to spawn the Swamp’s boss.
    • Leather scraps can also be found in muddy scrap piles.
  • Chests
    • Can contain iron scraps and iron chains
    • Rubies, pieces of amber, and pearls.
    • Money can be obtained by selling the treasures to Haldor the Merchant.
  • Runestones
    • Can be found in Sunken Crypts on rare occasions, and they will show you where the Swamp biome boss, Bonemass, is in your world.


Bonemass, the swamp biome’s leader, is a massive blob that houses the Wishbone, a vital item for progressing through the Valheim tech tree. You must locate Bonemass in order to kill him. You’ll need to find a runestone, just like the Elder, to mark the location of Bonemass on your map. Those runestones can be found in Sunken Crypts, and if you’re already looking for scrap iron, you’ll probably notice Bonemass’ location along the way.

Once the location of the Bonemass has been marked on your map, you can summon the boss and defeat him. A large skull-faced pit is marked on your map; if you sacrifice 10 Withering Bones there, the boss will appear for battle. Withering Bones can also be found in Sunken Crypts, either in Muddy Scrap Piles or in chests.

How to beat bone mass

  • Although it is resistant to most types of physical damage, blunt weapons such as the Iron Mace can cause significant damage.
  • Maintain a safe distance and use frost arrows.
  • He’s always on the move, chasing down nearby players. It can poison the battlefield in a variety of ways, the most notable of which is with a massive area-of-effect attack in which it burps a poisonous goo all over the place.
  • During the fight, it rains, giving your character the wet effect and reducing your ability to regain health and stamina.
  • When you defeat Bonemass, you’ll receive a trophy, which you can sacrifice on the altar in Valheim to obtain the Forsaken Power of Bonemass, which gives you an increased resistance to physical damage for five minutes when activated. You’ll also get the Wishbone, which is necessary for finding Silver and other underground treasures.

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