Valheim Taming Wolf (Wolves) - Easy Guide

Valheim gives you the option to tame all sorts of animals. The list includes wolf (wolves), boars, lox, and much more. You can also breed these animals if you want. But as it’s the nature of the game it’s quite difficult to learn how to do so. Here’s everything you need to about Valheim and taming wolf in the game.

Valheim Tame Wolf (Wolves) Guide

  • Wolves mostly spawn in the freezing Mountain biome
  • Carry an anti-frost potion and build a path of campfires to be safe and sound
  • To trap a wolf, build a pen out of Stakewalls
  • Use raw meat to lure in the wolf or confront the wolf
  • If you choose to confront, carry a bronze shield to defend yourself and run towards the enclose
  • When the wolf is inside, close the wall
  • Regularly feed the wolf raw meat
  • Keep repairing the walls to make sure the wolf doesn’t break it and run free
  • Build a platform outside the enclosure to throw raw meat from
  • After taming is done, you can breed it
  • Tame the wolf and it will start following you around
  • If you have more than one wolf tamed, they will follow you and defend you around enemies

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