Valheim: Top 10 Strongest Weapons

In the harsh and unforgiving world of Valheim, survival is paramount. As you battle mythical creatures and conquer treacherous lands, having the right weapon can make all the difference. Let us explore the realm of destruction and delve into the top 10 strongest weapons in Valheim!

Top 10 Strongest Weapons in Valheim

1. Krom

Krom - Valheim
Krom, Image Courtesy of Valheim Fandom

Introduced in the ‘Mistlands’ update,  Krom is one of the highest damage weapons with a massive swing radius, making it a devastating weapon to crush your opponents with as it is the first two-handed sword in the game. Craft Krom with:

  • 30 Iron
  • 20 Bronze
  • 5 Scale hide

2. Draugr Fang

Draugr Fang - Valheim
Draugr Fang – Imager Courtesy of Valheim

Forged from the skeletal remains of fallen Draugr, the Draugr Fang is a fearsome bow that delivers high-piercing damage. This deadly long-range weapon is perfect for adventurers who prefer to keep their foes at bay in Valheim. Craft Draugr Fang with:

  • 10 Ancient bark
  • 20 Silver
  • 2 Deer hide
  • 10 Guck

3. Staff of Embers

Staff of Embers - Valheim
Staff of Embers, Image Courtesy of Irongate

Making its appearance in the latest update, ‘Mistlands,’ Staff of Embers is considered one of the strongest weapons in Valheim. Its ability to burst the enemy with high-damage magic power makes this staff a must-have weapon. Craft Staff of Embers with:

  • 20 Yggdrasil Wood
  • 4 Surtling Core
  • 16 Refined Eitr

4. Himmin Afl

Himmin Afl - Valheim
Himmin Afl, Image Courtesy of Chiselchip

The Himmin Afl is a powerful polearm crafted from the much-needed Yggdrasil wood. What’s unique about this polearm is its power to bring down lightning attacks from the sky. Its mighty swings deal substantial damage and can strike multiple enemies at once. Craft Himmin Afl with:

  • 10 Yggdrasil wood
  • 15 Refined eitr
  • 5 Silver
  • 2 Mandible

5. Porcupine

Porcupine - Valheim
Porcupine, Image Courtesy of EntPlace

Crafted from the materials obtained from the Plains biome, the Porcupine is a menacing mace that delivers crushing blows to enemies. Its unique ability to inflict puncture damage makes it particularly effective against heavily armored foes. Craft Porcupine with:

  • 5 Fine wood
  • 20 Iron
  • 5 Needle
  • 10 Linen thread

6. Frostner

Frostner - Valheim
Frostner, Image Courtesy of ValheimGamer

The Frostner, a legendary hammer, is a force to be reckoned with. This weapon delivers frost and blunt damage, allowing it to freeze enemies and shatter them with devastating force. A perfect choice for fighting multiple foes at once. Craft Frostner with:

  • 10 Ancient bark
  • 30 Silver
  • 5 Ymir flesh (can only be bought at a secret trader in the black forest)
  • 5 Freeze gland

7. Demolisher

Demolisher - Valheim
Demolisher, Screengrab Courtesy of Lolly via Youtube

The Demolisher is by far the most devastating two-handed hammer in the game. After a big lead-up, the Demolisher is swung at the ground, dealing damage, staggering, and knocking back everything in your way. Craft Demolisher with:

  • 10 Yggdrasil wood
  • 20 Iron
  • 10 Refined eitr

8. Mistwalker

Mistwalker - Valheim
Mistwalker, Screengrab Courtesy of SittingForgetting via Youtube

As one of the weapon addition in the ‘Mistlands’ update, Mistwalker is the best one-handed sword in the game. Besides its high damage, its ability to slow down foes after each slash is the main reason for its strength. Craft Miswalker with:

  •  3 Fine wood
  • 15 Iron
  • 10 Refined eitr
  • 3 Wisp

9. Fang Spear

Fang Spear
Fang Spear, Image Courtesy of ValheimGamer

Whether you want to face your foes in close combat or in a safe distance, Fang Spear is the weapon you seek. It’s the best spear in the game with its high piercing damage. Craft Fang Spear with:

  • 10 Ancient bark
  • 4 Wolf fang
  • 2 Leather scraps
  • 2 Silver

10. Skoll and Hati

Skoll and Hati
Skoll and Hati, Screengrab Courtesy of ValheimGamer

Crafted using the rare material of Black Metal, Skoll and Hati is your best bet to put an end to your foes, ‘assassin style.’ This dual-wielding sword provides huge damage by fighting the foe face-to-face or backstabbing. Craft Skoll and Hati with:

  • 4 Fine wood
  • 10 Iron
  • 10 Black metal

There it is! The 10 strongest weapons in Valheim. So what do you prefer? Crushing your foes directly with a big swing, or sneaking up and silently assassinating them? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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