VALHEIM Weapon Tier List 2022

Valheim is a survival game infused with Norse mythology. Because it’s a survival game, it attracts swarms of creatures looking to slaughter the game’s massive number of players. The weapon tier list in Valheim is listed below, allowing players to enter any battle with the most powerful tools possible.

Obviously, there are a variety of factors that can boost a weapon’s value, but some weapons have higher DPS, crowd control, and a variety of damage types—all of which are important aspects of the game’s combat.

Battleaxe Needle Arrow
Stagbreaker Abyssal Harpoon
Silver Arrow Silver Sword
Blackmetal Sword Blackmetal Knife
Frostner Draugr Fang
Iron Sledge Blackmetal Atgeir
Porcupine Needle Arrow
Bronze Mace Iron Mace
Bronze Sword Finewood Bow
Huntsman Bow Obsidian Arrow
Poison Arrow Frost Arrow
Bronze Spear Bronze Atgeir
Iron Sword Abyssal Razor
Ironhead Arrow Fire Arrow
Fang Spear Flint Axe
Ooze Bomb Bronzehead Arrow
Ancient Bark Spear Bronze Axe
Club Copper Knife
Flint Knife Flint Spear
Flinthead Arrow Wood Arrow


  • Hammer-shaped ax
  • Deals blunt, frost, or spirit damage
  • Frost damage and decrease the enemy’s rate of fire
  • One of the most costly weapons in terms of crafting
  • Recipe: Ymir Flesh (5x), Freeze Gland (5x), Ancient Bark (10x), Silver (30x)

Crude Bow

  • One of the best weapons early game
  • The damage can be upgraded with fire arrows
  • Recipe: Leather Scraps (8x), Wood (10x)


  • a spiked one-handed weapon
  • deals piercing and blunt damage simultaneously
  • Recipe:  Linen Thread (10x), Needles (5x), Iron (20x), Fine Wood (5x)

Draugr Fang

  • It can be regarded as the most powerful bow in Valheim
  • high damage with poison effect without poison arrows
  • Recipe: Guck (10x), Silver (20x), Ancient Bark (10x), Deer Hide (2x)

Abyssal Harpoon 

  • best used for killing sea serpents
  • can also be used for transportation.
  • Recipe: Leather Scraps (3x), Fine Wood (8x), Chitin (30x)

Abyssal Razor Knife

  • Best used in stealth combat.
  • Recipe: Leather Scraps (2x), Chitin (20x), Fine Wood (4x)

Valheim Stagbreaker

  • one of the most powerful melee weapons
  • Giant two-handed hammer
  • Slow but has a lot of knockback power
  • Recipe: Leather Scraps (2x), Core Wood (20x), Deer Trophies (5x)

Huntsman Bow

  • Second most powerful bow
  • Two-handed
  • Recipe: Iron (20x), Feathers (10x), Fine Wood (10x), Deer Hide (2x)

Black Metal Sword

  • effective in close-range combat.
  • Lightweight and one-handed
  • Recipe: Black Metal (20x), Linen Thread (5x), Fine Wood (2x)

Black Metal Knife

  • It is useful while roaming.
  • Compact and one-handed
  • Recipe: Black metal (10x), Linen Thread (5x), Fine Wood (4x)

Black Metal Axe

  • Very balanced one-handed weapon
  • Recipe: Black metal (20x), Fine Wood (6x), Linen Thread (5x)

Black Metal Atgeir

  • Deals great damages to opponents
  • Two-handed
  • Recipe: Black metal (30x), Linen Thread (5x), Fine Wood (10x)

Battle Axe                                            

  • One of Valheim’s rare weapons
  • Can be used to make three different melee attacks.
  • Low damage but high crafting cost
  • Recipe: Ancient bark (30x), Iron (35x), Leather Scraps (4x)

Bronze Axe

  • Lowest ax grade
  • Can be strong after a full-upgrade
  • Used for killing monsters or for chopping trees
  • Recipe: Wood (4x), Bronze (30x), Leather Scraps (2x)

Bronze Sword 

  • First sword available to players
  • Recipe: Wood (2x), Leather Scraps (2x), Bronze (8x)

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