After defeating the second boss in the game, your adventures will continue to get difficult. Head to the swamp (which is full of monsters!), explore some crypts, and finally reach the Iron Age.

The death of the old man grants you the key to the crypts of Valheim, which is the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. To get started, you need to find a swamp-like biome. It is recognizable from afar by its tall, gnarled, leafless trees. Of course, you must be very careful, because the area is deadly.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the iron you’ve been wanting so much.



There is usually a small section of quiet before the swamp, making it a great place to have a small makeshift camp. If possible, you should put it onshore, with a workbench, chests, and a teleportation portal. This will be your insurance in case you ever die in the swamp, as then you won’t have to go on a long hike. The teleporter will also reduce the back and forth to your main base, as it will allow you to easily transport wood and found components, but not iron.

That is why you have to prepare a way to transport all this to your main base, where you will already have both the Foundry and the Forge. Of course, nothing prevents you from relocating your base near the marshes. With the teleporter, it’s not too complicated, although it will still take a few boat trips to transport ingots to one side or the other.

To explore the swamps, you need good equipment and high-level food. Antidotes can also help, but they are laborious to make. What we recommend is to buy the belt that increases the weight that can be transported to the merchant. Oh, and it has two spikes.

Explore the swamps

Here you will find a fearsome enemy such as the Draugr. Try to face them one by one and block their blows. Those with bows are by far the most dangerous. They will hurt you a lot, but a good shield will help you. You should also be careful, as the water is full of poisonous leeches. They are easy to kill, but there are many of them and they can attack you by surprise when you are busy with another enemy.

The Blobs are possibly the most dangerous enemies of the group. They leap and unleash a deadly poisonous cloud that deals over 50 damage over 17 seconds. They are best avoided or killed with a bow, even though arrows only deal little damage to them. When a large Blob dies, it splits into smaller, but equally formidable enemies.

Sometimes you will see columns of fire, surrounded by flaming imps and hatchlings. They are not too dangerous and will give you the famous baby hearts, an important component.

The crypts

After unlocking the entrance, exploring the Crypt is a bit like exploring the Tombs, but more difficult. We recommend clearing open sections of enemies before tackling the piles of mud that block most of the entrances. Blobs are particularly tough, so be careful. What interests us is that inside you will find pieces of leather and especially the scrap that will lead us to iron.

By taking it to the foundry, you will get one iron ingot for every scrap, making it easier to use than bronze. Of course, most of the objects require 10 or 20 iron. Don’t expect to be able to empty the crypt at once, as you will have to go back several times. Be careful to destroy each chunk with your pick, as they may contain junk.

The crypt may also contain a location plate for the game’s third boss, Vegvisir, who will update the map. Once you’ve reached your weight limit, head back to camp and melt the scrap metal. You will indulge in the joys of craftsmanship for a while.

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