The Wolf Armour is a mid to high tier armour set which players are going to need to progress through tough enemies and bosses. It is one of the harder armour sets to get, though not impossible, and requires some grinding. Here’s how to get one:

Get silver

To make the Wolf Armour set, the most important item that you would need to possess is silver. Silver can be found in mountains biomes, and have to be mined with an iron pickaxe. So make sure you have upgraded your tools accordingly. Finding Silver is a bit tricky but there is a workaround to that problem. For that you have to summon and defeat Bonemass, the third boss in Valheim. This boss drops an item called the Wishbone, which can be used to find hidden treasures, often buried underneath. Then equip the Wishbone and proceed to a mountain biome. When you have the Wishbone equipped and activated, a strong green pulsating energy will begin to emanate around you with a pinging noise. As you get close to Silver Vein treasures, the pinging and the energy pulse will intensify, somewhat like a metal detector. Then mine directly down for silver.

Craft Wolf Armour

After you are done getting silver, you would need to craft Wolf Armour. To craft the full set you need to hunt wolves for wolf pelts, wolf trophies, chain and wolf fangs. You also need an upgraded forge which can be done by building the anvil, forge cooler and forge bellows.

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