VALHEIM Wolf Fang – Location & How To Find Guide

As you progress through Valheim, you’ll encounter more enemies and challenges that you’ll have to face head-on. Crafting higher-tier armor, such as the Wolf Armor, is one of the best ways to prepare. We’ll show you where to look for Fenrings and Wolves in this guide. These two enemies drop Wolf Fang, which is a necessary crafting item for the Wolf Armor.


Fenrings are werewolf-like creatures that are large and brown. They only appear at night when the moon is visible. Players may hear a loud howling that differs from that of a normal Wolf, indicating the presence of Fenring.

Types of attack:

  • Regular swing
  • A crouch move precedes an attack, which is followed by a front jump with a swing/slam.
  • When fighting them in melee, be cautious because they quickly recover from parries.


  • During the night, Fenrings can be found in the Mountain biome.


Wolves are big wild dogs that are only found in the Mountain biome. They can be tamed like boars by enclosing them in a cage and feeding them raw meat. The tamed Wolf is then turned into a companion who fights alongside the player.

Types of attack:

  • Can travel in packs of one to four wolves. Wolves are quick to move and attack.
  • Blocking (rather than parrying) their attacks will allow players to make only one quick attack. After that, players should block again, or the wolf will bite them.
  • To effectively combat wolves, players should either use a bow or attempt to parry wolf attacks, giving them more time to attack.
    Wolves with star ratings only appear at night and will de-spawn during the day if a player is not within range.
  • When fighting them in melee, be cautious because they recover from parries almost instantly.


  • You can find Wolves in the Mountain biome.

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