Valheim: Wolf Taming Guide

Wolves – when we think of wolves, we end up thinking how majestic they are! How elegant yet deadly creatures. In Valheim, owning a wolf can earn the player additional benefits. Wolves in Valheim are very versatile creatures. They have the extraordinary capabilities of running at lightning speed. They have also experienced killers and possess unique abilities to take down even the biggest of all enemies.

In order to own one, players are required to tame the wolf. This is no easy task. It can prove to be very challenging but not impossible. Players by applying the right strategies and information can make this majestic creature be loyal to them and fight alongside them.


  • First and foremost, players must gather simple items. They would need a lot of wood, a Valheim workbench, some food to enhance their health, maybe five or six pieces of raw meat, and a lot of patience. And, of course, they would require access to the Mountain biome, which should be pretty simple to find on most maps.
  • First and foremost, you must find a wolf. They are frequently seen patrolling from the biome’s edge. Cut down a few trees to see if it attracts any interested wolves—while still making sure you have a safe place to flee.
  • Once you’ve located a suitable candidate, construct a pen out of stakewall—the wall’s resilience assures that the wolf won’t be able to escape when you first trap it. Allow space for you (and the wolf) to enter and construct a platform that looks down into the pen.


  • After you’ve prepared yourself, it’s time to utilize yourself as bait. You may either perform this part fully equipped (with frost resistance potions or a wolf cape) or simply make sure you have at least 50 HP.
  • Run towards the wolf to grab its attention—the freezing debuff shouldn’t affect you if you’re only there for a few seconds—then sprint back to your pen. Using Eikthyr’s power is beneficial here, although it is not essential.
  • Jump onto the platform and rapidly construct the last stakewall to keep the wolf inside. It won’t be happy at this point and will assault the walls in an attempt to escape. Throw in three or four pieces of raw meat, then retreat, and the wolf should relax.

The wolf will have golden hearts floating above it, indicating that the taming process has begun. It should take approximately a day and a half to tame if it has access to meat. One thing to keep in mind: if you leave the area, the taming process appears to cease, so try to stay nearby. You may check on it from time to time and repair the stakewall as needed, but keep in mind that every time you approach, the wolf will grow agitated and begin attacking it again.


Once the wolf has been tamed, you can tell it to follow you or stay, however, the latter command will allow it to roam within a specified radius of that location. You can breed wolves if you have two domesticated wolves. Keep feeding them both to make them ‘happy,’ and then let nature run its course.


  • When you have two or more tamed Wolves, you may begin breeding them, and Wolves of different levels can mate with each other.
  • To breed Wolves, simply feed both Wolves, and they will mate if they stay close enough to each other. A good way to start is to get Wolves to breed is to build a pen and dump a stack of Raw Meat or Sausages into it, and they will continue to breed even while you are away.
  • If you want Wolves to breed, you can only have a specific number of them in a certain space, and the larger the pen, the more breeding will occur. After two Wolves mate, a Wolf Cub is born and begins to develop into a fully-fledged Wolf, keeping the level of its parents. But breeding Wolves of varying levels will result in the Wolf Cub inheriting a random level from one of its parents.


A wolf cape is ideal if you want to spend a longer time in the Mountains. Players will not have to worry about the freezing debuff and frost-resistance potions. The wolf chest armor does the same thing, although it costs a little more Valheim silver to make.

It’s also worth noting that if you are wet, you will get the freezing debuff regardless of armor, so it’s best to wait for a sunny day before hitting the slopes.

Wolf fur cape: Resistance vs. frost
  • Equipment: Workbench
  • Silver x4: Smelted from silver ore found in the Mountains.
  • Wolf pelt x6
  • Wolf trophy x1
Wolf armor chest: Resistance vs. frost
  • Equipment: Forge
  • Silver x 20
  • Wolf pelt x5
  • Chain x1: Dropped by Wraiths found in the Swamps at night. Can also be found randomly in crypts.
Wolf armor legs
  • Equipment: Forge
  • Silver x 20
  • Wolf pelt x5
  • Wolf fang x4
Drake helmet

Equipment: Forge

  • Silver x 20
  • Wolf pelt x2
  • Drake trophy x2: Dropped by drakes in the Mountains biome.

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