Valorant has been a massive hit, with millions of users, this list may not reflect everybody’s viewpoint. However, it’s a great starting point to assist you to gain the most out of the game. So, we’ve put together a tier list to indicate which agents are the strongest to play this Patch 2.11!

Brimstone Jett Phoenix Sage Sova
  • You won’t be able to use all of the agents right off the bat. Valorant, fortunately, gives you free starter agents who can be used right away.
  • For those that aren’t immediately available, you could either purchase them with actual money from the Valorant store or earn sufficient XP to acquire them by grinding.
Astra, Sage, Viper
Jett, Omen
Raze, Sova
Cypher, Killjoy
Phoenix, Reyna
Skye, Brimstone
Yoru, Breach
  • What’s vital to know about Valorant is that it’s a team effort, so several of the lower-ranked agents could have a big impact if they’re paired up with the better ones. Fingers crossed, this list will assist you in deciding which agent you like to play as!

Valorant Agents

  • Every agent is equipped with three skills. Throughout each round’s purchase stage, gamers may get two of them from the gun store.
  • The third skill is similar to an ultimate ability, and it is free to use, but you must first gain a certain number of skill points.
  • Obtaining kills is the fastest way to gain skill points; each kill grants one skill point.

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