Valorant Best Team Composition For Breeze

Valorant fans must be aware of a very challenging and exciting map called Breeze, which was launched in April 2021. Three months later, it is still trending, and some players are still facing difficulties in picking the best characters for their team. Well, fret not as we are here to solve that problem for you.

In the team, you can take a total of five members including a duelist, a controller, an initiator, and a sentinel. Duelists and Sentinel help you fight and defense better whereas, the controller and initiator guide and assist you.

Forming the right team can be a tricky job and we recommend you take 3 initiators or controllers and 2 duelists or sentinels. According to, the agents with the highest win rates on Breeze so far include Killjoy, Viper, Reyna, Sage, Raze, Jett, and Sova.

For Breeze, we suggest these must-have characters on your team:

Jett – Duelist

Jett is a must-have character for this map as it is an Operator-centric map, and Jett excels as the team’s Op user. She can also use her Cloudbursts to create a quick cover for herself and use her Updraft to get a better vantage point with her Operator. Her Tailwind can also save her from dangerous positions and considering Breeze is such an open map, she can also use her Tailwind to push behind enemy lines at the start of the round.

Viper – Controller

Viper will be a valuable member of any team composition on Breeze and therefore, she is a must-have. As a defender, she can use her Toxic Screen wall to deal with attackers and can also slow down the enemy team’s forced pushes with her Snake Bite molly. On offense, she can block the defenders’ lines of sight from these narrow entry points and help her team get into the site. Her Viper’s Pit ultimate is also perfect for locking down one part of the map, which will discourage the enemy team from entering the site

Apart from these two must-haves, you can use Sova or Skye as the initiator. Both would be great picks for Breeze but Skye can provide a little more support because of her Guiding Light hawk, Trailblazer, and healing abilities.

For the next spot, you can choose Raze (Duelist) or Cypher (Sentinel), or Sage (Sentinel). We would recommend going with Cypher because firstly, he is a Sentinel, and you should have a sentinel on the team. Secondly, Cypher’s ability to leave his Trapwires and Spycam anywhere on the map is highly valuable and hence, can prove better than Sage.

For the last spot, you must take an additional controller that could be Astra or Omen. We suggest using Astra as your smoke agent on Breeze, because of the range of her Astral Form. She can drop her Astral Stars anywhere on the map, regardless of how far she is from them, and that can really prove beneficial on this map.

So, the final best team build in our opinion would be Jett, Viper, Skye, Cypher, and Astra but here are a few other combinations, if this doesn’t work out:

1st TEAM
2nd TEAM
3rd TEAM
4th TEAM
Jett Viper Jett Jett
Sova Jett Sage Viper
Viper Skye Viper Omen
Raze Raze Skye Cypher
Omen Astra Omen Sova

Even if this doesn’t work out, basically build your team trying different combinations of the nine agents mentioned in this article and you’ll be good to go.

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