Riot Games’ free-to-play title Valorant has had its fair share of success since it came out early this year but has also been riddled with various problems that infuriate its player base every now and then. Valorant Error 39 is one of them.

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What is Valorant Error 39?

This actually represents a server connectivity issue. Once it happens, the displayed message states that the game client is facing an error while connecting to the platform. While there’s no proper explanation for this issue, there’s one major reason to why it may have had happened.

How to fix Valorant Error 39?

As mentioned above, Error 39 is a server issue and the only thing you can do is get the latest server status update from the game’s server status page over on Twitter. This will also tell you for how long the server will be down for maintenance and other issues. While there doesn’t seem to be any other major concern regarding Error 39, the waiting game may feel infuriating to say the least.