Although errors aren’t as common as they were before Valorant’s launch date, there are still several other bugs that arise now and then, and error code 68 is among the most relentless. Find out how to quickly resolve this issue in the section below!

Error Code Van 68 Fix

  • FIX #1: Nearly every single error code, including Error 68, can be resolved by rebooting the Valorant client. To test if this resolves the problem, log out and back into the game.
  • FIX #2: Despite the fact that Error 68 is mainly a connectivity issue, Valorant’s anti-cheat application Vanguard may be to blame. A brief PC restart is the easiest alternative for any issue with the Vanguard.
  • FIX #3: Because error 68 is a database access issue, the problem could be as simple as your router or internet service. Rebooting your modem and double-checking your internet access may be enough to solve the problem.
  • FIX #4: Riot has a useful customer service department that responds quickly to concerns and questions. As a result, you can file a case on Riot’s Valorant help page. To do so, CLICK HERE!
  • FIX #5: The probability of Cloudflare becoming the source of the Error 68 issue is very high, as their systems have previously experienced a number of power failures, causing many games, webpages, and services to fail. So, if you’re experiencing Error 68 as a result of them, all you can do now is sit tight.
  • FIX #6: Finally, if you don’t know how to go about it, don’t do it! Let’s make sure no one messes things up for themselves by accident. So, try resetting your network settings and/or changing your DNS server to You could also try turning off the IPv6 protocol. Neither is proven to work and most of the time, the easy solutions mentioned above will suffice.

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