VALORANT: First Look at LOCK//IN Capsule

With intense gameplay, high stakes, and top-level talent, VCT LOCK//IN at Sao Paulo, Brazil is set to be an exciting and unforgettable event for VALORANT fans. By introducing the LOCK//IN Capsule, Riot Games hopes to sell VALORANT skins based on competing esports teams so that fans can show their support. Here’s a first look at the LOCK//IN Capsule and all you need to know about it.

LOCK//IN Capsule

VALORANT fans cannot contain their excitement as the new LOCK//IN Capsule will finally allow them to wear their favorite VCT esports team’s colors as skins in the game.

  • Riot Games have announced that a specific portion of earnings from these skins’ sales will directly go to the partnered VCT Teams. They had previously released similar bundles in the past couple of years and it looks more promising than ever.

What’s in the bundle

The LOCK//IN Capsule contains three variants of the Misericórdia melee knife, three VCT LOCK//IN Player Cards, and VCT LOCK//IN Spray. The variants mentioned here feature different colors to show support for different regional teams. 

VCT VALORANT LOCK//IN Capsule Riot Games
Image courtesy of @GrimValorant / Twitter
  • The default color represents the VALORANT Champions Tour. The blue represents the Pacific region, the green represents the Americas whereas purple represents Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Unlike other weapons in the game, you can get the Misericórdia only in melee form, and cannot equip it with a ranged firing mode. Finally, there is only one VAMOS! spray of the animated Duelist Agent Raze included in the capsule.

How to buy LOCK//IN Capsule

As the VCT LOCK//IN tournament begins on February 13, 2023, the Capsule bundle is set to go on sale from February 8 to March 7 in VALORANT.

Image courtesy of Riot Games
  • Although the cost has not been announced publicly by Riot Games, it is estimated that the LOCK//IN Capsule will be priced highly around 5,100 to 6,265 VP.
  • The LOCK//IN capsule items won’t return to the in-game store or the Night Market and can only be purchased entirely as a single capsule.

Riot Games’ VALORANT

VALORANT features a unique combination of 5v5 tactical gameplay and fast-paced action. It is both challenging and entertaining for players of all skill levels, even on a tournament level.

  • The tactical first-person shooter game has quickly become one of the most popular competitive games in the industry.

  • The game has a diverse and unique cast of agents that players can use to gain a strategic advantage over their opponents. 
  • VALORANT’s carefully designed maps and various game modes provide a fresh and dynamic experience for players. Its focus on teamwork and strategic play ensures that no two matches are ever the same.

VALORANT has established itself as a staple of the esports world and a must-play game. Owning the LOCK//IN Capsule will be a statement for VALORANT fans. It shows how dedicated they are to the game and the VCT teams they support.

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