One of the games that have taken the eSports world by storm is Riot Games’ 5V5 Competitive Shooter game Valorant. Riot’s First Person Tactical shooter has an astounding range of free weapon skins that players can acquire in the store, through daily offers, through Contracts, and ninety days long periodic Battle Pass.

The paid versions of weapon skins are loaded with very attractive animations, good finisher effects, as well as sounds but this comes with a hefty price tag. Players can direct purchase them from the store with the help of Valorant Points or better known as VP.

The free weapon skins, especially the sidearm weapon, on the other hand, have to be earned by the Players by acing the battle passes and agent contracts. Usually, these skins lack artistic, visual, and sound appeal. They are mostly basic in design and structure, and they can be unlocked through continuous grind sessions and obtaining XPs. However, players are still able to upgrade their free battle pass via the Radianite Points (RP).

How to Unlock Free Weapon Skins in Valorant?

Players can only unlock the free weapons through two methods: agent contracts and battle passes. Here is how players can unlock them:

Through Agent Contracts

All of the Valorant Agents have a total of 10 tiers contract, this includes particular player cards, gun buddies, a sidearm weapon skin, and sprays. Hence in order to unlock the agent, the player must activate the contract and thereafter complete the agent contract.  To activate the agent contract the players need to follow the mentioned steps:

  • Head on to the main menu of Valorant home screen
  • Now, click on the “agents” tab that is located on the top bar
  • Then select the agent in order to unlock it
  • Finally, click on “activate”
Through Battlepass

Valorant provides a Battle pass for every act and players can obtain free skins after they have obtained the battle pass. The player hence must play the game and earn XPs by completing the given missions in the game. Finally, once the player has reached the final level of the Battle Pass, free skins will be added to the Valorant collection Tab.

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