Valorant - Fade Official Art
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Following the release of Valorant’s newest Agent, some players are wondering how to use Fade. After it was revealed she was an Initiator, most players are activating her Agent Contract so they could try her skills out. In this guide, we’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to use Fade, the Bounty Hunter.

What is Fade’s role in matches?

Fade is an Initiator in Valorant. If you’re unfamiliar with which Agents are Initiators, here is are the current Initiators in the game:

Sova Breach
Skye KAY/O


Initiator Agents in Valorant are in charge of “setting up their team to enter contested ground and push defenders away.” So, it’s really vital for every team to have at least one Initiator. Not having an Initiator reduces chances for your team to initiate or counter flanks.

So if you want to use Fade in your matches, don’t think too much about wanting to deal damage. As Fade, you have the responsibility of tracking down your opponents. Moreover, it’s your way of giving your team the upper hand by revealing their locations.

How to effectively use Fade and her abilities in Valorant

We’ve previously covered Fade’s abilities, but how exactly do you use her? To bring out Fade’s true potential as an Initiator, you’ll need to familiarize yourself first with her abilities.


Fade’s Prowler is like a homing missile that tracks down enemies as soon as you launch it. If it hits an enemy, it causes temporary nearsightedness which will help give you the upper hand in combat. However, you can also control the Prowler with your hand if you want it to check corners or behind walls.

Valorant - Fade Prowler
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We definitely recommend practicing this ability first before stepping into public matches as Fade. Her ability is quite tricky so head to The Range first and try it out on some bots.


Valorant - Fade Seize
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This ability lets Fade launch an object that can latch onto an enemy and pull them in. Additionally, it inflicts Deafened and Decay status to enemies  However, enemies can shoot it to immediately cancel the effects. This ability is especially useful to interfere with enemies chasing down your allies or trying to flank your team.


Valorant - Fade Ability 1.2
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

If used properly, Fade’s signature ability can Mark enemies it tracks down. Because she hasn’t been nerfed yet, this is a very powerful ability that can give you the upper hand in most situations.


Valorant - Fade Ult
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For Fade’s ultimate ability, she sends out blocks similar to Breach’s ultimate. If an enemy is caught in Fade’s ult, they are inflicted with Decay. Moreover, the ability Marks and Deafens enemies as well. Get Fade in a good position to maximize the use of her ult since this is very powerful.

Best weapons for Fade

But her abilities won’t be that helpful if you use the wrong weapons. We do not recommend using long-range weapons on Fade like snipers because you’re meant to go after enemies. The best guns to use with Fade are Ghost (pistol), Spectre (SMG), Phantom, or Vandal (AR).

Valorant - Fade Ability 1.1
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

You should unlock and master Fade while she’s still not nerfed. Since her release, Valorant players have made remarks about the newest agent being too OP. Even TenZ and ScreaM admitted that Fade is going to play an important role for every team line-up in Valorant.

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