Valorant: Ranking System, How Does It Work?

Numerous gamers enjoy competitive shooting games like Valorant because they want to see how they compare to other players. This entails entering the ranked queue and playing games with repercussions, with each W or L increasing or lowering your rating.

10 Victories

  • To get ranked, you must initially grab 10 unrated match wins. A gamer can only take on their 5 placement games after completing their 10th win in an unrated showdown.
  • Your preliminary rank will be determined by placement matches, and the more you claim victory, the higher your interim rank will be.
  • The individual score is also important, so if you give it your all and execute well, you will get a “good grade”. If Valorant detects that your buddies are constantly carrying your games, you may have to play solo games / queues.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

Valorant tracks a gamer’s individual performance using the MMR system. This is separate from your squad and takes into account things like your Deaths, Kills, and successful plants, among other things. It’s essentially a score for overall performance.

Your games will be filled with gamers with comparable MMR scores, even if the value itself is concealed. Your MMR will rise as a result of stable solid performances and victories, and your lobby will have quality players.

Rank Rating (RR)

The viewable aspect of ranked evolution that gamers may see is Ranked Rating. Gamers are rewarded with RR points depending on their effectiveness whether they win or lose games. When a gamer’s MMR exceeds their Rank, they will acquire more RR for victories than they lose for failures, putting them in a relatively safe position for improving the ranks.

The scheme is intended to place gamers in a state known as “Convergence,” in which their MMR and rank ring true in connection to one another. Convergence essentially means that for Ws or Ls, gamers will increase or decrease the RR.

Valorant’s standings do not degrade over time. However, lengthy gaps between games can lead to placement matches, affecting MMR and RR. Between every act, rank is rebooted, requiring a placement game to reclaim rank. The valued rank is determined by the prior rank they held as well as their effectiveness during the placement game.

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