What happens to Brok in God of War: Ragnarok?

What happens to Brok in God of War Ragnarok

Okay, if you’re up to knowing more about the God of War: Ragnarok characters, you came to the right place. Heads up that this contains spoilers about what happens near the end of the game so read at your own risk!

If you’re wondering what happens to Brok in God of War: Ragnarok, you’ve come to the right place. A Viking’s Funeral Favor may also be found here, so stick around! Do read at your own risk, also you may check out our other articles for now if don’t want to proceed here!

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Who is Brok?

So let’s start first on who Brok is, and just a refresher, he is a Dwarf. Brok has been a character since the God of War in 2018. The Dwarf has a brother named Sindri, and the two used to work together. However, the brothers went on separate paths after arguing about who was the best.

Brok and Sindri
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  • These two Dwarves helped Kratos and Atreus in their adventure in the 2018 video game. They are responsible for forging or improving weapons like Thor’s hammer, the Mjolnir, and Kratos’ Leviathan Axe. And yes, Brok and Sindri are known blacksmiths as well.
Huldra Brothers
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  • In God of War: Ragnarok, we can see that Kratos and Brok have a close relationship. We may have had Brok as our Companion in some of the main story quests in the game. But enough with the introduction, what happens with Brok in God of War: Ragnarok then?

Brok in God of War: Ragnarok

As we said above, there should be spoilers ahead about the game, so read at your own risk!

  • In God of War: Ragnarok, Atreus finally completes the mask that Odin has always been desperate for. We see everyone gathered in Sindri’s House, even Freyr who is now back in shape. Now they discuss what should be their next step.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 1

  • Tyr finally agrees that Ragnarok is inevitable. With this, he tells the group that he knows another way to enter Asgard. Tyr picks up the mask, and this brings Brok more suspicions. All the while, Tyr knows a way and didn’t care to share it with everyone.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 3

  • In a surprising move, Tyr’s calm and peaceful demeanor changes as he bursts and stabs Brok with a knife straight to the chest.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 2

  • Brok falls and Sindri came rushing over to his brother. All this time, the Giant that has been in Sindri’s House was Odin impersonating Tyr all along.
  • While Odin takes the boy and pointed the weapon at him, Sindri begs Freya to help him save Brok. While Freyr and Kratos negotiate with Odin, the latter wants the mask for him to release the boy.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 4

  • Atreus manages to get away from Odin after Freyr threw the mask to get his attention. Unfortunately for Odin, he was unable to retrieve the mask before his Ravens wisped him away.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 5

Brok’s death

  • You read it right, warriors. Brok eventually dies because of the wounds. Brok’s last words to Sindri were that he has to let go. In God of War: Ragnarok also, it was revealed that Brok has died already before. It’s just that Sindri retrieved his soul from the Lake of Souls in Alfheim. Unfortunately, Sindri was not successful to get every part of Brok’s soul. This meant that all this time, the Dwarf’s soul has been incomplete.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 6

  • With his soul incomplete, there is no way of bringing Brok back or even an afterlife for him. Truly a bittersweet ending for a character who grew on us throughout our journey towards Ragnarok.
  • Sindri takes Brok’s lifeless body with him and leaves the house. The group then decide to prepare for what is to come.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 7

The Realms at War quest

  • After you finish the main story of God of War: Ragnarok, it is revealed that you will be traversing the Nine Realms with Freya and Mimir as your companions.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 8

  • A pop-up message appears in front of you saying that Ragnarok is over. However, Kratos, Freya, and Mimir have some unfinished business to do. There are Realms yet to be explored and more Favors to accomplish. Before you head down the lift, a completion mark of The Realms at War shows.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 9

A Viking’s Funeral Favor

  • Before the lift moves down, the Last Remnants of Asgard Favor appears on the screen. This can be done another time since there is another Favor that is connected to Brok’s death.

Last Remnants of Asgard Favor 10

  • On the way down, Mimir mentions that a funeral service for Brok would happen at Raeb’s Tavern in Svartalfheim. He tells that two that he wished to go there. A Viking’s Funeral Favor may be triggered, check out below how.

Brok in God of War Ragnarok 11

How to trigger

  • Remember that you can head directly to Svartalfheim if you want to. But you can also trigger the Favor by heading to Lunda at the Shop. She will invite you to Svartalfheim and thus, the Favor is triggered.

A Viking's Funeral Favor 12

Reach Raeb’s Tavern

  • Head over to Svartalfheim and meet others at Raeb’s Tavern. Before you enter the door, you can hear their dialogue as they talk about Brok.

A Viking's Funeral Favor 13

  • While you stay at the tavern, you’ll get a prompt to interact with Brok’s body. Kratos bids his last farewell to his friend, and his companions do the same too. Later on, the Dwarves tell them that the send-off would be at Sverd Sands.

A Viking's Funeral Favor 14

Go to Aurvangar Wetlands

  • The Sverd Sands is located in the Aurvangar Wetlands, so you should head there for the send-off. You’ll get on the ferry with your Companion to reach Sverd Sands.

A Viking's Funeral Favor 15

  • The funeral takes place and you can watch it. When Durlin says that they should begin, Kratos carries Brok’s corpse over to the boat. After the funeral, the credits for the game will start rolling.

A Viking's Funeral Favor 16

  • You can skip the credits to get back to the game. Speak with The Dwarves for the last time in this side quest. The Favor is automatically completed once the funeral service is over.

A Viking's Funeral Favor 17

How did you feel after Brok’s death, warriors? 

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