Poeltl Player Silhouette, Photo Courtesy of poeltl.dunk.town

Poeltl is a free-to-play daily guessing game of players from the National Basketball Association (NBA). The game was developed by California-based web developer, Gabriel Danon. Poeltl is a stand-out in the Wordle multiverse, especially to NBA Fans and NBA players themselves.

Image Courtesy via @gabedanon Twitter Account

Game History

Poeltl was inspired by Worldle, a country/territory guessing game. The mania started with a tweet saying “Try POELTL. (It’s like Wordle but with NBA Players)”, Danon tweeted to his sub-400 followers.

Screen Grab from @gabedanon Twitter Account

Danon was adamant that the game would be popular since there are many game spin-offs. The guy cannot be more wrong. The next day, more than 4,000 fans re-tweeted the post and more than 200,000 individual games were played.


Poeltl lets you guess the name of the player with 8 tries. It has the same mechanics as Wordle. Additionally, Poeltl provides the player’s silhouette (just like the “Who’s that Pokemon?!” in the pokemon series) as an additional clue. If you cannot muster what is in the silhouette, start guessing for more clues!

Here is how you play the game:

  • Go to Poeltl
  • Immediately, click “show silhouette” for ideas.
  • Enter the name / last name of the player. A drop box is available for possible matches such as the example below
  • Once entered, details about the player such as team, conference, division, position, and player height, age, and number will be displayed.

  • From here, start picking-up clues according to the highlighted or non-highlighted player details
    • Green – details are matched with the mystery player
    • Yellow – here are the meaning of yellow highlighted details
      • Team – played for the team in past
      • Position – player plays/can play this position (Guard, Forward, Center)
        Note: Some players can play multiple positions.
      • Other columns – plus or minus 2 in terms of height (inches), age (years), and jersey number.
    • No Highlight – No matches
  • Here is an example below:

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  • Silhouette Check – Always check the silhouette for player familiarity
  • Narrow Down –  If you still have no idea after checking the silhouette. Enter any name. This will help you even if there are no matches. There is 99% certainty that you know this by now if you are playing this game. If not, here are some basics to narrow down the mystery player. 
    • 2 conferences – NBA has only 2 conferences ( West and East )
    • 6 Divisions – Each conference has 3 divisions.
      • West – Northwest, Pacific, Southwest.
      • East – Atlantic, Central, Southwest
    • 30 Teams– Each division has 5 teams.
    • 3 General Positions – In the basketball game, there are 5 positions which are the point guard (PG), shooting guard (SG), small forward (SF), power forward (PF), and center (C). For Poeltl, guard (G), forward (F), and center (C) is the identifier.
    • 15 Maximum Players – NBA roster have a maximum of 15 players (13 active, 2 reserves).
  • Cover all bases – Make sure to not reuse non-highlighted details and name a player who has different detail with your missed guess.

That’s it for Poeltl and how to play it!
Happy Guessing!

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