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Quordle is a daily free-to-play word guessing game like Wordle. Players can consider this as a hard mode version of Wordle since they will need to solve 4 words consecutively in 9 tries.

Game History

Quordle is created by Freddie Meyer and prototyped by David Mah who are both fans of Wordle. Call them evil geniuses. The game was an off-shoot of the game Wordle but was inspired by Dordle. If Dordle lets the players solve 2 words with 7 tries, Quordle is the Reaper because you need to guess 4 words with 9 tries.

How To Play

Quordle has 4 general boxes with 9 rows each which corresponds to the number of tries players have. For each word input, the rows of each box will be filled. Words will stop appearing in other boxes once solved. Here is how to play Quordle:

  • Go to Quordle
  • On the top of the page, select between Daily or Practice Mode
    • Daily – word of the day which will be solved by all players
    • Practice Mode – random 5 letter words for practice

  • Type any 5-letter word and press Enter. Input word will appear on all 4 boxes. Color queues will appear which will serve as a hint/clue for your word.
    • Green/Blue(other devices) means the letter is in the right spot.
    • Yellow/Brown(other devices) means the letter is in the wrong spot but included in the word.
    • Gray is not included in the word.
    • On-screen keyboard queues also appear to help you identify which box does the letter highlight apply in to.
  • After finally guessing the word, the results can be shared with social media buddies /frenemies. Please note that the saved data is based on your local data. If you clear your history/cookies, the stats will reset, just like when you play the game in browser incognito mode.
  • Here is an example below:


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  • Narrow Down – In your first guess, use 5 letter words with different letters and avoid repetition. The goal is to narrow down your choices. Do not use X, Q, or Z for the first Guess. Rather, use common letters such as S or T and vowels A, E, I, O, and U.
  • Cover Bases – Try to cover as many letters as possible in 1st and 2nd try. Use all the vowels!
  • Prioritize – Select which box will you focus on but you can change priorities if the situation arises.
  • Do Not Re-use Gray letters – Unlike Wordle, you are solving multiple boxes. Make sure to not use Gray-ed letters for that specific box.
  • Double Letters – Double letters are possible which might also be confusing and generally a waste of turns for turn 1 to 4/earlier tries. Use them wisely.

That’s it. Wordle Hard Mode. Quordle!

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