The newest FIFA game series (FIFA 21) is about to get released on 9th October. As we know, FIFA is a popular sports game that simulates football and has sold near 282 million copies so far. FIFA 21’s new rendering capacities have enabled the game to show off with the most authentic and realistic details, player movements, and the simulation of really playing football. Although consoles that haven’t upgraded their graphic such as Nintendo Switch, can’t enjoy the new FIFA 21 graphics.

Why FIFA 21 Coins?

Since we have FIFA 21 instead of FIFA 20 and you can’t carry your coins to FIFA 21, the first challenge for FIFA players is to build up a new squad. By playing SBCs, winning games in FUT and other options you can get FIFA coins faster.

You can also speed up the process by buying FIFA coins. It could cost about 10 € per 100.000 FIFA 21 coins. It can be useful, for example, if you have 100.000 € less to buy a legendary player for your team like Neymar, Messi, etc. By buying these coins you can reach your goal quickly.

To achieve this, you need to find a trustworthy website with a positive background. Since many websites claim to sell coins safely to your FIFA 21 account, you might lose your account in the end. This is an essential matter, as any unusual transaction in your account could lead to EA being suspended.

We will explain how to find a trustworthy FIFA coin website to avoid future problems with your account.

Where To By FIFA 21 Coins From?

There are many websites online that claim to be trustworthy sites where FIFA coins can be purchased. If you are not an old FIFA player, you need to find the best ones by checking their ratings and always trust the popular websites instead of the unknown ones that might disappear after they get your account information and steal your coins instead of providing you with something.

This is important because when you trade your information in one of the transaction methods, such as Comfort Trading, you’d be giving account login information and backup codes to the 3rd party company to transfer coins for you and if they aren’t one of the well-reputed FIFA coins companies then you’ll end up losing your account because of that.

Here are some qualifications that a coin selling company or website must have –

  • FIFA Coin selling website should have a fast, secure (SSL certified) website with online support to resolve possible issues in transferring coins
  • The reviews must be checked. Make sure the coin seller company has positive reviews on famous review collecting websites, such as Trustpilot (SSEGold has more than 3k+ positive reviews)
  • Safety tips such as the number of FIFA 21 Coins that your account should have before buying more must be provided by the coins seller
  • A refunding or cash-back system must exist

Only if these features were available, you can trust a website for anything. SSEGold covers all these features and uses a fully automated platform that makes it not comparable to other FIFA coin websites. For example, in the automated player auction system, you can register as a guest (you don’t need to enter your email address or password), and after payment, you will be automatically informed step by step how to do it Place players on the exchange market, and then the system will buy these players at a higher price than normally sold in FIFA 21. You will receive an additional amount of coins and repeat the steps on the market several times, additional FUT coins you receive are as much as the coins you paid for in the first step.

Avoid Getting Scammed in FIFA 21

As already mentioned, FIFA is a very popular game where you need coins to progress, build up squads, etc. It is clear that there are always people trying to find shortcuts to progress faster than the others when a game becomes so popular. Usually, these scammers are found in social media like Facebook or Twitter, where they don’t need a valid website and can advertise for themselves. Therefore, social media coin sellers should be the last you can trust for buying FUT coins. The websites can also be scams.

According to the information we’ve covered in this article, make sure that the website meets all of these standards, about the features that need to be evaluated before financial transactions are made with a website. You can also perform a background check. For this purpose, an active game forum allows you to share your intention to buy FIFA 21 coins from the specified website in forums and see what other users have experienced with that particular website and whether they are satisfied with the results.

With SSEGold you can buy FIFA coins without being banned. We hope to see you on the field and enjoy your new legendary players in your squad.