To begin, it’s important to note that in order to finish the task, you only have to locate and use one body scanner. Regardless, the battle royale map features seven different locations, all of which are linked to the new IO bases.

The first step is to speak with Doctor Slone, who will elaborate on the present situation and emphasize the importance of determining who remains loyal to IO – and whether or not that involves you.

Body Scanner Locations

Believer Beach At the shack at the entrance to the base.
Pleasant Park At the hut near the large satellite dish.
Steamy Stacks At the shack at the back near the radio antenna.
Dirty Docks The building next to the radio tower.
Weeping Woods The building next to the fuel tank.
Slurpy Swamp The building near the large satellite dish.
Misty Meadows The smaller building near the satellite dish.

The problem is those body scanners aren’t immediately obvious. You might be fooled into thinking they are inside the bases themselves, but they’re simply discovered inside outposts that are available to the public. You’ll discover the body scanner in the room where you find an office desk.

How To Use

  • Locating and using a body scanner is actually quite simple once you’ve completed all of the initial tasks.
  • Although there are 7 of them, only one is required to complete the challenge.
  • The only drawback is that it takes a minute or two to finish, so you’ll have to keep yourself alive long enough for it to operate.

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