White Iron chunks are among resources that gamers in Genshin Impact will need to begin collecting for higher-level gear. Let’s go over the best farming spots!

Check out an easy Farming Route at the bottom of this article. It will net you more than 200 White Iron Chunks! Massive thanks to Reddit users fallonreader and Memoryjar.

Farming Route

Stormbearer’s Mountain

White Iron Chunks are typically seen in Stormbearer’s Mountain and Stormbearer’s Point. Enemies here will mostly be between level 13 and level 15, so you should be ready to face them!

Spiral Abyss

If you’ve activated the crescent-shaped island in Mondstadt’s southeastern part you’ve gained entry to one of the fastest ways to farm a decent haul of White Iron Chunks.

Mt. Aozang

You have two choices if you teleport to the area’s northernmost waypoint. You can begin by attempting to scale the mountain. You’ll discover around 8 White Iron Chunks if you can reach Adeptus’ highest point. Conversely, descend into the Huaguang stone forest, which is situated just below the waypoint, you’ll discover a river flowing into a large cave. At least 12 chunks can be found in the cave.


Go southeast upon reaching the Wolvendom waypoint nearest to the coastline. You’ll notice a huge boulder with a large number of mineable White Iron Chunks right away. You can obtain up to 18 White Iron Chunks by finding six pieces of White Iron ore. There’s also a single Crystal ore, which you can use to harvest a large amount of ore.

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