Why Marika shattered the Elden Ring (Theories)

Why Marika shattered the Elden Ring (Theories)

Today, we’re venturing into the lore of Elden Ring. Queen Marika, the all-powerful goddess went rogue and shattered the Elden Ring, plunging the Lands Between into chaos. Why would she do something so crazy?

Grief-Stricken or Power Trip Gone Wrong?

The most popular theory paints Marika as a mama bear scorned. Remember Godwyn the Golden (RIP)? Yeah, that brutal assassination during the Night of the Black Knives – a major faux pas for supposedly immortal beings. This event is believed to be the spark that ignited Marika’s rage. Consumed by grief and a thirst for vengeance that would make even Patches blush, she might have just smashed the Elden Ring in a moment of pure despair.

But There’s More to the Story

Marika’s relationship with the Greater Will, the cosmic entity that bestowed the Elden Ring in the first place, seems kinda rocky. Many theorize she might have grown tired of the Golden Order’s rigid structure and the overbearing influence of the Greater Will itself. Maybe shattering the Elden Ring was her way of flipping the table on the system, a desperate attempt to forge a new path for the Lands Between – one free from the control of a cosmic overlord.

Shattering for a New Dawn

Some Tarnished theorists take things even further, proposing a grand chess game. Did Marika possess foresight, seeing a future beyond the limitations of the Golden Order? Was shattering the Elden Ring a calculated move, a necessary step towards building a new and improved order, one she believed would be superior?

Queen Marika’s motives remain shrouded in mystery, lost in the shattered fragments of the Elden Ring. But that’s the beauty of this game, right? It encourages us to piece together the narrative ourselves, to become active participants in unraveling its rich lore.

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