With the support of our template, you can use Miss Fortune with conviction! Let’s take your Wild Rift performance to the next tier! Whether you’re new to Miss Fortune or aiming to fine-tune your playstyle. Learn everything there is to know about Miss Fortune’s skills, including the top things to build, which abilities to scale first, and more!

Item Build

Miss Fortune is a dragon lane champ who fixates on dealing attack DMG to the opponent team in order to eliminate them.

Miss Fortune is an excellent early-game champ who deals a lot of damage in comparison to other AD Carries. One of the major factors for this is Love Tap (Passive). When you assault a new victim, you deal extra damage!

To make the most of this passive, switch targets and attack multiple objectives every time. Miss Fortune is not only very powerful in the early game, but with a few items, she can put up an amount of pain in the late game with her auto attacks and Ultimate.

Core Items

  • Starting Item: Long Sword
  • Gluttonous Greaves (Stasis)
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Infinity Edge

Final Items

    • Rapid Firecannon, Guardian Angel


    • Conqueror
    • Brutal
    • Hunter – Titan
    • Manaflow Band

Summoner Spells

    • Flash
    • Barrier

Skill Path

Miss Fortune Best Counters

Draven Tristana Jinx

Miss Fortune Best Teammates

Sona Leona Blitzcrank

Most Vulnerable Against Miss Fortune

Corki Ezreal Varus

Early Game Miss Fortune

  • You want to be vicious early on as Miss Fortune. One of the strongest damage outputs of any AD carry is yours!
  • Use your Double Up (1st Skill) on a back-row ranged minion and target it so the opponent champ is just behind it. The skill will now ricochet from the range minion to the champ, dealing a lot of harm.
  • Make it Rain (3rd Skill) can also assist you to stack your mana flow band by poking opponents down.

Late Game Miss Fortune

  • Out of all the AD carries, Miss Fortune has one of the greatest squad ultimates. However, you must exercise extreme caution when using this skill since you will be unable to move.
  • As an AD Carry, it’s always safer to listen to your teammates. You want to deflect attention as much as possible, allowing your front line to take the brunt of the damage!

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