Wild Rift Tier List 2.2 – Best Champions To Play Guide

It’s important to remember that in ranked games, almost anything is possible. Fully understanding how to exploit the metagame and employ the best champions, on the other hand, will enable us to outsmart our enemies.

Finally, Wild Rift is very similar to League of Legends, and the frequent updates in the form of patches will undoubtedly alter the encounter drastically every few weeks!

Tier S

Jinx Xayah Kai’Sa Master Yi Vi
Evelynn Ahri Akali Katarina Alistar
Lulu Seraphine Camille Darius Wukong

Tier A

Ezreal Miss Fortune Varus Gragas Shyvana
Amumu Lee Sin Aurelion Sol Orianna Zed
Corki Galio Braum Janna Nami
Leona Sona Fiora Garen Malphite

Tier B

Ashe Jhin Tristana Graves Olaf
Xin Zhao Annie Fizz Lux Twisted Fate
Yasuo Diana Pantheon Blitzcrank Rakan
Jax Nasus Dr. Mundo Singed Teemo

Tier C

Vayne Draven Jarvan IV
Ziggs Soraka Tryndamere

Darius: 2.2 Best Solo / Top

  • After the huge benefits Darius received, he is now an unthinkable force in the top lane and very dominant.
  • Due to his passive, he can apply true damage and take down even the tangiest units like Malphite.
  • Whenever he kills someone, he can reapply his passive on another target and quickly execute him with his ultimate, which also has a reset.
  • There are only a few top laners who can deal with Darius like Gragas and Akali, but otherwise, there aren’t many others who can deal with his immense passive pressure during the lineup phase.

Evelynn: 2.2 Best Jungle

  • As of patch 2.1b, Evelynn is the jungle’s top solo queue and transport champion.
  • With just a few kills, he can take over the game and terrorize all lanes, due to his invisibility. Her Ultimate Skill allows her to secure Drakes easily because no one can beat Evelynn’s Ultimate Skill + Smite.
  • She becomes full AP and is already a threat by the time she reaches level 5 because she can ambush from anywhere without being noticed.
  • Due to his passive and ability (1), he is able to clear the jungle very quickly without losing HP. Once Evelynn is ahead, no lane is safe, especially the soft ones.

Katarina: 2.2 Best Mid

  • Katarina is a newly released champion and quickly found a major role in the meta.
  • She applies immense pressure during the lane phase and her ability to wander makes her even bigger. Because his CD resets on his abilities for every kill engagement, he’s really hard to aim for and can quickly jump in and out.
  • Since all the other champions were nerfed, Katarina felt even more comfortable in the Rift with no real threats in the Midlane at this point. 

Kai’Sa: 2.2 Best AD Carry

  • Kaisa has been a great champion since her launch and remains one of the strongest ADCs.
  • Since their kit is very unique and has a lot of self-detachment, it is a very strong ADC to play with. His supreme ability allows him to reposition himself or even dash to the enemy rear and execute someone.
  • Additionally, she can break away from an assassin like Evelynn or Akali with her invisibility or even her ultimate shield making her even harder to take down.

Rakan: 2.2 Best Support

  • Rakan is a very good board and guard support that can do just about anything.
  • His CC and ultimate are the main weapons in his toolbox. He can locate anyone on the enemy team and provide CC alongside him. If there is a good Rakan, he can control choke points or even start fights, and search for his allies at the same time.
  • Since he is building tank elements, he is very good at diving and taking part in fights.

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