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In Windjammers 2, there are ten different Frisbee characters to pick from, each with a different level of skill. Those who are fast but lack power, those who are powerful but sluggish, and those who fall somewhere in the middle are the rare breeds. Whatever you decide, the choice is ultimately yours!

J. Raposa H. Mita S. Miller S. Delys J. Costa
L. Biaggi K. Wessel M. Hurricane G. Scott S. Ho

Jao Raposa

Regardless of his lack of power, J. Raposa is the quickest character in Windjammers 2, allowing him to run around the arena and deflect his enemy’s strikes with ease.

Hiromi Mita

H. Mita is nearly as quick as J. Raposa, however, she’s not really powerful. She may nevertheless be able to protect herself well versus fairly balanced characters.

Steve Miller

When compared to H. Mita and J. Raposa, S. Miller is one of the quicker players, but he has a little more strength, rendering him a valuable character.

S. Delys

S. Delys is unquestionably among the easiest players in the game. In spite of its speed, this character has enough power to stand out versus slower enemies.

Jordi Costa

Many people will enjoy J. Costa’s style of play, which is among the most well-rounded characters. The little advantage of being faster than L. Biaggi means he’ll have a better chance of snagging a Frisbee.

Loris Biaggi

It’s safe to say that L. Biaggi is among the most well-rounded players in Windjammers 2. Compared to J. Costa, L. Biaggi’s strikes will be more difficult to avoid.

Klaus Wessel

K. Wessel is the game’s most powerful, but also the slowest competitor. To get the most out of him, you’ll need to put in a lot of training sessions.

Max Hurricane

H. Max is a tough opponent since he is powerful and has the potential to outrun K. Wessel. You will, nevertheless, need to put in the time and effort to master him.

Garry Scott

G. Scott is a very strong character but has a considerably slow speed. In a fight with someone who is both strong and slow, like K. Wessel or H. Max, his pace is close to average, which could help him.

Sammy Ho

Arguably the most well-rounded character in Windjammers 2. If you’re looking for an all-around player, look no further than this S. Ho.

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