Players can equip the peculiar Endora in Wishful Drops. It aids in the seize of oceanid creatures in key locations and accelerates the adventure of the area. Primogems and Hearts of the Spring are two other bonuses that will be obtainable once the quests are finished!

Heart of the Spring / Original Resin can give free character EXP equipment and other enticing objects during a task called Rhodeia’s Rage.

Event Details

  • DATE
    • 9th of April (10:00) – 16th of April (3:59) Server Time
    • Finish “Life Flows On (1)”
    • Adventurer Rank: 20 or higher

Endora: How to use?

When you use Endora as a device, Endora’s Bubble Split replaces your Elemental Skill. If necessary, use Endora to revert to your Elemental Skill!

  • Capturing Oceanids
  • You can reconfigure the distance of the Bubble Split skill by pressing and holding.
  • To seize Oceanid Creatures, target and hold the Elemental Skill for the necessary amount of period
  • Fighting and defeating the Oceanid Creatures will not boost your exploration level, so stick to seizing them!

Heart of the Spring

After finishing an Exploration Area, you will receive a “Heart of the Spring.” As a replacement for Original Resin, these are utilized to obtain perks from the event Boss Fight, Rhodeia’s Rage.

  • 1x Heart of the Spring = 1 Reward

To claim the rewards from the boss battle you’ll need 40 Original Resin, but Heart of the Spring is advised to save Resin. After all, once the activity ends, you might not have any other utilization for Heart of the Spring!

  • 5 Areas = 5 Heart of the Spring

Raging Rhodeia Tips

You’ll battle the Oceanid during the Wishful Drops event, but this time you’ll be able to engage direct harm to its body! Rhodeia will also have new attacks, making it more difficult to beat than usual.

Once the task has begun, travelers are unable to pause or teleport, so make sure you’re fully prepared for the boss fight before beginning!

Recommended Team

  • Free-to-Play
    • DPS: Traveler (Anemo) / Kaeya
    • Secondary: Lisa / Xiangling
    • Support: Barbara / Noelle
  • Best Characters
    • DPS: Ganyu / Keqing / Razor
    • Secondary: Chongyun / Fischl / Klee
    • Support: Bennett / Diona / Qiqi

Event Rewards

  • Mora
  • Primogem
  • Heart of the Spring
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Endora

Bonus: Mini Oceanid Companion

  • Endora can be kept as a companion pet once the exploration portion of the event is completed!

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