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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a variety of different elements that can influence your chances of succeeding in addition to its fighting system. It can involve mastering the greatest Wizardry spells or having the ideal gear to enhance your playstyle. Players can simply choose a set of armor they like at the beginning, enhance it as they go, and then utilize it for the majority of the game‘s duration.

Many armor sets and numerous weapons are available. In addition to its base stats, each piece of gear also has a rarity and an upgrade level, which further complicates matters.

How to upgrade weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

The first time you have the choice to upgrade your equipment in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is when you first encounter Zhu Ran, a blacksmith, close to one of the Battle Flags in a level. Armor often uses the Leather resource, while weapons typically use Steel. They range from Rank 1 to a maximum of Rank 9, with the former being the lowest.

The Three items required for each level cost money. You currently only have the upgrading function as an option. Further, you will have access to the Hidden Village around a third of the way through, where Zhu Ran will set up a permanent business and unlock further advantageous equipment selections.

Embedment is all about modifying the bonus effects on your gear with jewels, while decorating is the transmog function that can alter an item’s appearance, and salvage turns unwanted items into extra resources.

It is advised that you choose your desired weapon and gear before committing, especially at higher ranks when resources are more difficult to obtain due to the price involved. While you can replay some stages to gain the aforementioned materials, it will be much more beneficial if you first increase your strength.

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