Wizardry skills are one of many gameplay components in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that will greatly aid you in your attempt to dominate the game. You should concentrate on these when playing in addition to using the greatest weapons and equipping the best armor.

Using spells, specific magic assaults that can assist you in conquering challenging opponents, is a crucial component in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The game’s finest spells may be sought after by those who have mastered the Wizardry system in order to excel in combat and maximize their spirit.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – The best Wizardry skills and how to unlock them

The five elemental phases: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water connect Wizardry spells in this game. This is similar to the leveling up system in the game. Each phase has a unique skill tree of spells, which may be accessed by selecting the Learn Wizardry Spells option from the Wizardry Spells menu at a Battle Flag.

You gain points for your Five Phases Virtues when you level your character up at a Battle Flag. Spell Duration, Wizardry Spell Spirit Consumption, and Element Abilities are among those that have an affect on Wizardry Spells. However they all have different effects on your stats.

You’ll gain access to learning new spells after a certain number of levels. You will then be able to learn a new one in each of the Five Phases when this occurs. Depending on your character’s design, the elements you have levels in, and your preferred playing style, your Wizardry spell loadout will adapt.

A list of the best Wizardry skills

Wood phase 

  • Focus zone

Focus Zone encircles you, allowing you and your teammates to inflict greater damage.

  • Spirit Fervor

When you or your friends attack, this spell increases your spirit gain. This enables you to keep a good spirit and acquire guard-breaking spirit strikes more quickly.

Fire phase 

  • Fireblast

This throw flies like a flame and explodes as it hits the ground. Excellent for drawing an enemy’s attention while also doing damage.

  • Scorch spinner

Uses both hands to fire a stream that surrounds enemies in the area in flames.

Earth phase

  • Enhanced Defense

Your defense against attacks is strengthened by Improved Defense, which also gives you poise. This is a fantastic strategy to survive early-game boss bouts with few conditions to activate it.

  • Rock Toughness

Reduces the amount of Spirit damage you take from opponent strikes and gives you just one effect that stops your Morale Rank from dropping when an enemy deals a Critical Blow to you.

Metal phase

  • Poison Bubbles

Poison Bubbles are excellent for chipping away at powerful opponents from a distance if you’re inclined.

  • Venomous Discharge

In front of you, a large area of the floor transforms into a poison bog that opponents can step on to unleash Venomous Discharge.

Water phase

  • Unseeable Form

In a game that emphasizes exploration, this ability turns you invisible, which is a huge advantage.

  • Ice Weapon

Your current melee weapon gains an Ice enchantment for a brief period of time.


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