Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action-packed game that immediately throws you into the fray with an intense boss fight against Zhang Liang, General of Man, after only 15 minutes of playtime. This early challenge can be a significant hurdle for you, especially those who are not yet proficient with the game’s combat system. To help you prepare for the Zhang Liang boss fight in Wo Long, we have put together some essential tips and strategies.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Zhang Liang Battle Phases

Zhang Liang Battle – Phase 1

Get ready for an intense battle as Zhang Liang, the fearsome warrior prepares to face you in combat! In Phase 1, Zhang Liang will be on the defensive, using his shield to block most of your attacks. To break through his defenses, you’ll need to perform deflections to drain his Spirit Gauge and stun him, creating an opportunity for a powerful Fatal Blow.

But don’t underestimate Zhang Liang! He has several attacks up his sleeve, including a shield bash, a two-hit combo, and a sweeping attack that can knock you off your feet. You’ll need to be nimble and dodge or deflect these attacks to avoid taking significant damage.

As you chip away at his Spirit Gauge, Zhang Liang will start to stagger and become vulnerable to attack. This is your chance to unleash a devastating Fatal Blow! But be careful not to get too close, as Zhang Liang can recover quickly and strike back.

Zhang Liang Battle – Phase 2

In Phase 2, Zhang Liang will unleash his full power, becoming even more aggressive and launching his ultimate attack, which can deal massive damage. You’ll need to stay on your toes and use all your skills to dodge or deflect this devastating attack.

Zhang Liang will also use a new attack in this phase, charging at you and attempting to grab you. If he succeeds, he’ll throw you to the ground and deal a significant blow. You’ll need to be quick and react swiftly to avoid his grasp.

Throughout the battle, keep an eye on the Spirit Gauge and use Wizardry Spells to boost your defenses and slow down Zhang Liang’s Spirit recovery. And when the time is right, use a Fatal Blow to deal the final blow and emerge victorious!

So, are you ready to face Zhang Liang in battle? Let the Battle begin!

Tips and Tricks for Defeating Zhang Liang

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a Souls-like game with unique game mechanics that players will need to master to survive. The game’s early stages serve as a tutorial, introducing players to the martial arts combat system and the spirit system.

The first boss, Zhang Liang, is a two-phase fight that requires the right tactics to defeat. To maximize your chances of success, make sure to activate all possible flags and equip the Enhanced Defense Wizardry Spell.

Use light weaponry

Faster weapons like the Ring Pommel Sabre are recommended for Wo Long’s fast-paced gameplay. The game’s generous deflection timing window makes the Ring Pommel Sabre an excellent choice for players struggling to time their deflections correctly.

Fatal Strike

In addition to mastering combat mechanics, the key to defeating Zhang Liang is using Fatal Strikes, which deal massive damage when executed correctly. To trigger Fatal Strikes, you should focus on Deflecting his attacks, especially Critical Blows.


While waiting for Zhang Liang to make a move, keep an eye out for his signature attacks, such as the Spinning Blade and the Flying Kick. Learning the timings of these moves is crucial to executing successful Deflections and landing return hits.

It’s important to note that even with a deep understanding of Zhang Liang’s moveset, you may still struggle with the fight. But with persistence and the right strategy, you can overcome this challenging boss and continue your journey through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


  • Collect Genuine Qi

While you may have limited time to prepare for the Zhang Liang boss fight, there are a few things they can do to increase their chances of success.

    • First, they should make sure to level up by picking up enough Genuine Qi throughout the tutorial. This will increase their health points and attack bonuses, and decrease spirit consumption when deflecting.
    • Additionally, you can get extra training by resting at any Battle Flag and selecting “Other” in the travel menu, then choosing “Tutorial: Basic Training.” This will take you through a more detailed training session, which is especially helpful for understanding deflecting.
  • Equipment and Spells

    • You should also check their inventory for any weapons or armor that offer more damage or better defense than what you currently have equipped. However, keep an eye on the equipment’s weight, as heavier armor will drain spirit faster when dodging and deflecting.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: You will only have enough Qi and levels to unlock one spell in each of the Phases, so you should look for buff spells that can decrease damage taken or slow down Zhang Liang’s spirit recovery.

  • Understanding the Spirit Gauge

    • The Spirit Gauge is a crucial mechanic in Wo Long that acts as a combination of mana and stamina. You lose spirit when hit or dodge, and spending spirit is required to cast wizardry spells or perform martial arts.
    • Regular melee attacks or successfully deflecting an attack will regain spirit. To stun Zhang Liang, you need to drain his spirit gauge, opening him up to a powerful attack known as a Fatal Blow.


The Zhang Liang, General of Man boss fight in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a challenging but rewarding battle that requires you to be proficient with the game’s combat mechanics. By following the tips and strategies outlined above, you can increase your chances of success and defeating Zhang Liang. Remember to level up, trim equipment, slot wizardry spells, understand the Spirit Gauge, and ignore your companion during the fight. With practice and perseverance, victory is within reach.

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