This week’s Wolverine challenge sends players on a challenge got Sentinel’s head. 

The 1st challenge: Look for signature claw marks 

The 2nd challenge: Search for the Quinjet crash site 

And now the third challenge is to find Wolverine’s trophy in Dirty Docks. 

The trophy actually means Sentinel’s head which are the giant robots that used to hunt for Mutants in the X- Men comics. 

The trophy is at the south edge of Dirty Docks. It’s inside the building that is not attached to the test of the complex. You should try to get into the building from the east side (water facing side) and then you can walk in through the back door. 

Walk straight into the door and open the first door that looks like it would lead into a very small closet. 

Inside the closet, at the most bottom of the shelf, you will find the trophy aka Sentinel’s head. 

Once you grab that, you will be so much closer to unlocking Fortnite’s Wolverine outfit! 



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