World of Warcraft has been around for almost 16 years to date and has surpassed and sets limits for MMO games worldwide, crowning itself as the most popular MMO to have ever graced the world of gaming. World of Warcraft or WoW for short, received a separate version known as WoW classic in 2019.

WoW classic was Blizzard’s attempt at letting their player base relive the memories and nostalgia of the base game that was released in 2004. With mind-blowingly difficult enemies that force group coordination, quests that make you question your skill and lack of quest markers, WoW Classic is the hard mode of the retail version of World of Warcraft that is out today.

When the game was released in 2019, the result paled in comparison to what was expected; many expected a hundred thousand players maximum to join the grounds, but instead millions of die-hard fans flocked in to replay their favorite MMO from their childhood. The numbers almost reach one million players upon release with millions of viewers actively taking part in streams relating to the game.

How is it different from the modern version of World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft Classic is the original World of Warcraft, with a few minor tweaks and adjustments to make it more playable in the current era of gaming. The art, the text and the NPCs are all left untouched from the original launch. The developer team has also opted to keep certain bugs that were in the original WoW, thereby making World of Warcraft Classic extremely similar to it both in feel and playability.

The gameplay is however a bit different from the modern retail version of WoW, players do not have to worry about many status effects such as interrupts, purges and dispels that did not exist at the time; instead players are advised to be more selective in their talent tree, as it matters a lot more in WoW classic when compared with the modern retail version.

Mobs and monsters are not easy to defeat in WoW classic when it is compared with the modern version of WoW. The monsters hit hard and since they do not scale, it is very tough for beginners, on most occasions they will out-level your character. Hit rating is back in WoW classic, and in general, you have a higher tendency to end up dead.

What makes WoW classic so good?

It is challenging, WoW classic is so much more challenging than the modern retail version of WoW. The original vanilla game was hard and difficult and that has been preserved in WoW classic, which could be both an upside and a downside.

This is what made WoW popular in the first place. What you see, experience and feel in WoW Classic is what made it the most played MMORPG in the world. These are the elements that combined together to be that fantastic title that millions of players loved over the years; and that is why WoW Classic is that much good. It is time tested, players loved the concept back then and so they continue to do now in 2020.

It is also not a hidden fact that players that play WoW Classic are actually older than most gaming communities in the world, this is mostly because WoW Classic is actually a revamp of a really old game, so most of the players that come to enjoy it are old as the game itself. This brings forth a more mature community that understands the game thoroughly preventing any form of unnecessary friction and toxicity.

The premium currency in WoW Classic

The Premium currency in WoW Classic is gold, and gold is a very big deal in-game. WoW gold classic is as important as a currency is in the real world, gold is used for everything from purchasing items such as mounts, armor, weapons, etc to other craftable materials that do not drop from mobs but have to be purchased from vendors.

Without Wow gold classic there would be no economy and the whole system would crash. Do you remember how WoW has a monthly subscription cost, if you have enough gold on certain WoW Classic servers, one can exchange gold for a WoW classic token that can be used to purchase a subscription that allows you to keep playing the game without spending any money. It should be noted that WoW Classic servers on the EU and NA do not issue tokens.

How can a player gold in WoW Classic?

Gold is extremely rare in WoW Classic and getting a reasonable amount of gold is often a tiresome process. There are only a handful of ways to obtain Wow gold classic, some of it is mentioned below –

  • Killing certain Mobs
    Players can kill certain monster mobs repeatedly to gain gold in small amounts. This is known as farming
  • Doing quests
    Completing quests on the map awards players with gold
  • Being in a profession
    Certain professions such as skinner, blacksmiths and engineering awards a good amount of gold to players
  • Purchasing it off other players
    Players can purchase gold off other players that are in excess of it. This can be done through external sites or through the in-game auction house

How to buy WoW gold classic?

Buying gold is the easiest and most efficient way to obtain gold in this game, this is because it takes a long period of time to farm a reasonable amount of gold through in-game means. Unless you have hours of free time to kill that you want to spend mindlessly doing tasks to obtain virtual currency, buying some gold for a good price is the most popular option among players.

Gold can be bought from special sites that host players that are willing to sell their hard-earned gold for some real-world currency. The price of gold depends entirely on the economy based on the concept of supply and demand.

Where can I buy WoW gold classic?

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