Another Wordle spin-off called WORLDLE is out and is pretty exciting!

Worldle is a game where you guess what country or territory is being shown (outlined in black). For starters, you will be given six (6) guesses, and each guess will give you clues on how geographically close you are to the exact location.

Worldle is giving another country ready for guessing today (March 23, 2022). If you are having a hard time guessing the country, then we got this one for you! Scroll down below to find some clues and hints for the correct answer!

Worldle Country of the Day (March 23), Photo Courtesy of Worldle


  • Start with a random country/territory
  • It would be advisable to use a world map or a google map to track the clues given by the game
  • Use all of the hints in the game properly – distance, position, and accuracy


  • A Caribbean Island which is also a territory of the United States
  • A country known for its beautiful beaches and shoreline
  • Its flag has a huge star on it
  • Scroll down for the answer!

Why is it so interesting? 🤔

Worldle is very different from its predecessor (Wordle) since the game gives you, rather than words, an image to guess. If you want it to be more challenging, you can turn the image off if you like. Additionally, what is so exciting is it allows you to travel the world without even lifting your feet!

Wordle fans and geography fans alike will definitely enjoy this fascinating game. You will be amazed at how much you can learn in this game!


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