Wuthering Waves: How to Optimize Jiyan (Build Guide)

Wuthering Waves How to Optimize Jiyan (Build Guide)

Wuthering Waves‘ Jiyan is a 5-star Aero commander of the Midnight Rangers. Mastering this character needs a strategic approach to maximize his skills and potential. Let’s go over how to optimize his Echoes, Resonance skills, and gameplay.

Jiyan’s Aero Fury

This is currently the only Echo set specifically designed for Jiyan and maximizes his Aero DMG output.

2-piece Bonus 5-piece Bonus
Sierra Gale +10% Aero DMG Bonus +30% Aero DMG for 15 seconds upon using the Intro Skill

When it comes to choosing his Echo Skill, it mainly depends on the playstyle you prefer. Here’s a breakdown of each to help you pick the one for you:

  • Turbulent Winds: This Echo skill primarily focuses on increasing Jiyan’s crit rate for a more consistent critical hit chance.
  • Raging Tempest: Increases your damage output in exchange for a much lower HP base. This is suited for those of you who prefer an aggressive playstyle.
  • Eye of the Storm: A more balanced approach, increasing both your ATK and Crit Rate. Just be aware that the increase in damage and crit rate will not be as high as the first 2 choices.

Resonance Skills: What to Upgrade

  • I recommend prioritizing S3, S5, and S6. These 3 are important for increasing Jiyan’s overall damage potential.
  • Next, S1 and S2. While these skills aren’t as impactful, they still play a role in Jiyan’s kit.
  • Consider unlocking Winds of Change. This lowers your Skill Resolve cost. So by logic, it boosts your damage by generating more energy.
  • Invest in your Tactical Mastery. Not only does it give you Resolve, it also temporarily boosts your ATK when using your Intro Skill, making your rotations a little bit quicker.

Jiyan Stat Allocation and Gameplay Strategies

  • For a damage dealer build: Attack > Crit Rate & Crit DMG > Attack Speed
  • For a more balance build and survivability, invest some points for Resistance and HP.
  • Tactical Strike: Try to maximize using this Intro Skill to trigger the Sierra Gale set bonus and gain an ATK boost.
  • Windborne Strike: This Heavy Attack is a good way to start a combo that can deal massive damage.
  • As with any combat, evasing your enemy’s attack and skills is always important. Be mobile to survive longer on the battlefield.

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