Wuthering Waves: How to Turn On Electricity in the Court of Savantae (Rewinding Raindrops Quest)

Wuthering Waves How to Turn On Electricity in the Court of Savantae (Rewinding Raindrops Quest)

Adventurers, the Court of Savantae awaits! But before you dive headfirst into danger, a tricky electrical puzzle stands in your way – the “Rewinding Raindrops” quest. This guide will have you repowering the area and unlocking its secrets in no time!

Step 1: Light Up Your Brain Cells (Literally)

Just arrived? You’ll find a locked chamber guarded by a red energy barrier. To get it to budge, you’ll need to gather some intel. Keep your eyes peeled for glowing orbs and flowers scattered around the room – they hold clues about the electrical system. Interact with them all, light up those brain cells, and get ready to become an electrical whiz!

Step 2: Find the Power Source

Follow that handy yellow quest marker – it’ll lead you to the upper level and introduce you to NPC Encore. Right next to her, you’ll spot a Green Battery Pack. This thing is the key to getting the power flowing again.

Step 3: Switch It Up

Head back to the locked room, grab that Green Battery Pack with your trusty Levitator gadget, and pop it into one of the green switches on the energy barrier. Watch that barrier go down a bit, revealing a new room – progress!

Step 4: Energy Transformation Station

In the new room, you’ll find two holograms and a device called a Transducer. Place the Green Battery Pack in the Transducer and POOF! It transforms the energy, turning the pack red.

Step 5: Switch City

Grab your now-red Battery Pack and hightail it back to the first room. This time, insert it into the remaining green switch on the energy barrier.

Step 6: Almost There!

The next area throws another locked room your way, complete with a red and green switch. Pop the red Battery Pack into the red switch. Then, high five yourself because you just earned the right to snag a Green Battery Pack from the previous room. Stick that green one in the green switch, and you’re done. The final barrier crumbles, and you’re ready to conquer the rest of the quest.

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