Wuthering Waves: Save the World? Save the Cat! (Quest Guide)

Wuthering Waves Save the World Save the Cat! Quest Guide

Calling all Wuthering Waves adventurers with a heart of gold (and a soft spot for purrfect companions)! “Save the World? Save the Cat!” isn’t just a catchy quest name; it’s a heartwarming journey about reuniting a worried owner with her beloved feline friend, Lulu. And guess what? You get to be the hero! This guide will show you exactly how to navigate this charming quest and snag the “Kitten First” achievement. So, grab some catnip and let’s get started!

Quest Location

  • Set your sights on Peach Blossom Town and find the quaint little village of Taoyuan. It’s a beautiful spot, so take a moment to soak it in!
  • Look for an NPC named Xiaoju near the bustling square, usually hanging out under the majestic blossom trees. She’ll be fretting about her missing cat, Lulu.
  • Step up and be the hero Xiaoju needs! Accept the “Save the World? Save the Cat!” quest and get ready to save the day or, should we say, the cat.

Finding Lulu

  • Unlike other quests, no handy marker leads you straight to Lulu. Here are some clues to help you sniff her out:
  • Look for the giant blossom trees that dominate the village skyline.
  • There’s a hill right next to those massive trees. That’s where you’re headed next!
  • Remember, cats love to climb. Lulu, predictably, got herself stuck on the tallest blossom tree, overlooking the village (and freaking out her poor owner).

Reaching Lulu

  • Now comes the fun part: scaling the heights to reunite Xiaoju with her precious Lulu. Think you have the moves? Let’s find out!
  • Use your trusty grappling hook, some slick wall-running skills, and some well-timed jumps to conquer the hill next to the blossom tree.
  • Navigate the intricate branches and use the natural footholds on the tree to make your way to the top.
  • Here’s a tip: starting your climb on the side opposite Xiaoju might be easier – there’s a staircase that can give you a little head start.
  • Once you reach the summit, you’ll find Lulu perched precariously, taking in the view (probably wondering how she got there in the first place). Approach her gently and scoop her up!

Save the World? Save the Cat! Reward

With Lulu safely in your arms, use your gliding ability to descend back to the village square gently. Return Lulu to Xiaoju, who will be eternally grateful for your heroic deed. You’ll witness a heartwarming reunion (and maybe even a few happy tears!).

While the real reward is the warm fuzzy feeling of helping a kitty in need, there are some in-game bonuses too! You’ll receive some credits and EXP items for your troubles. Plus, completing this quest unlocks the adorable “Kitten First” achievement, a permanent reminder of your good deed and your love for all things feline.

Medium Resonance Potion Medium Sealed Tube
Medium Energy Core Shell Credit


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