Wuthering Waves: Wintry Bell Guide (Location, Farming Route, Tips)

Lost in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Wuthering Waves and need to level up your Resonators? Look no further than the Wintry Bell.

Where to Find Wintry Bell

The Wintry Bells can be found chilling (pun intended) in the Gorges of Spirits region northwest of Jinzhou. Your best bet? The Tolling Stream area, especially around the Bell-Borne Ravine. Keep an eye out near the water and rocky outcrops – that’s where these resilient flowers like to bloom.

Wuthering Waves Farm Route

  • Fast Travel: Huanglong-Gorges of Spirits Resonance Beacon – that’s your starting point.
  • Northwestern Cliff: Glide down like a graceful (or not-so-graceful) bird and snag the first couple of Wintry Bells.
  • Southward Path: Follow the path south, keeping your eyes peeled for more waiting to be picked.
  • Shoreline: Stroll down the scenic (hopefully not monster-infested) shoreline and collect four Wintry Bells.
  • Southwestern Coast: Feeling adventurous? Cross the water to the southwestern coast.
  • Head even further southwest to snag the last Wintry Bell in this area.
  • Wait 48 hours for the Wintry Bells to respawn, or explore other areas in the Gorges of Spirits for scattered Bells. There’s a whole wasteland out there!

Bonus Tips

  • Feeling impatient? Head to Koko at the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou City. They’ve got 15 Wintry Bells waiting for you, but be prepared to shell out 3,000 Shell Credits each.
  • Take down the Bell-Borne Geochelone, a weekly boss. Wintry Bells might just be one of the sweet rewards you get for your troubles.

Wintry Bell Use

As of June 2024, these Resonators need Wintry Bells for ascension:

  • Sanhua: Jinzhou’s trusty bodyguard, ready to take a bullet (or a stray zombie) for you.
  • Yangyang: The mysterious adventurer with a past as shadowy as the wasteland itself.
  • Aalto: The tech-savvy info broker who can always find what you need (for a price, of course).

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